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    picked up my 92s and couldn't be happier. Stripped it and cleaned it and at first thought it might be pretty dirty but the barrel was clean, the rest of the handgun was clean. The only wear seems to be cosmetic from holster use but upon careful inspection, the pin, throat and barrel are outstanding.
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    Are you using any aftermarket parts on your Glock G21, like a slide or magazine release? Does your G21 have all factory stock parts? *Remove the slide from the frame and insert the empty mag. Does it still not seat the magazine? *Try swapping the base plate/pad with another working magazine and see it that works. Regards, TokenEntry
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    #6, AR-15 RIFLE & CUSTOM CERAKOTE JOB DONATED TO CNJFO BY SC ARMS! NJF&W LICENSE AGENT DONATES AR-15 TO CNJFO DRAWING! CUSTOM CERAKOTE ARTISTRY LED TO FULL SERVICE FFL! by Black Wire Media Saturday Dec. 29, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Is your hunting or fishing license expiring the end of this month (in 2 days)? Instead of going to the big box store that's ANTI-2A, bring your old license & swing on over to CNJFO sponsor SC Arms at 210 Summerhill Road in Spotswood, NJ for your renewal. Derek Pitera, SC Arms President, is an avid outdoorsman himself, with years of deer hunting experience. He's also a regionally recognized Cerakote artist that supplies custom Cerakote work to other well-known firearms retailers throughout NJ. Pitera is donating an AR-15 rifle kit complete with custom Cerakote in CNJFO's colors that the 2A group will use for a drawing next year! Thanks to SC Arms and Happy New Year! CNJFO Published by David Rosenthal · 6 hrs NJ's SC ARMS NOW FEATURING HUNTING & FISHING LICENSES! CNJFO SPONSOR DONATES AR-15 & CERAKOTE JOB! by Black Wire Media Saturday Dec. 29, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Derek Pitera, President of SC Arms, the Spotswood, NJ full service new & used firearms dealer, ammo retailer & Cerakote artist, is attracting more customers to his store at 210 Summerhill Road by offering a new service: NJF&W hunting & fishing licenses. CNJFO Vice President Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal renewed his hunting license yesterday as it EXPIRES DEC. 31st! SC Arms (formerly Savage Cerakote) became an official Licensing Agent of NJF&W just recently, having gotten the thermal printer set-up prior to everyone's license expiration on New Years Eve. 2019 NJ hunting licenses start at $27.50 and are good till 12-31-19. SC Arms, a leader in the NJ firearms industry, actively promotes the 2nd Amendment instead of running away from it! The CNJFO sponsor has TWO of our brochure holders attractively displayed at both the entrance & sales counter. SC Arms is proudly donating an AR-15 kit featuring a lower, an upper & a hand guard, all of which will feature Pitera's famous custom Cerakote artwork using CNJFO's colors in an ultra-cool camo pattern for this one-of-a-kind collector's item! As the build progresses, we'll be sure to keep you informed with all of the particulars, including how to donate to us for chances to WIN THIS RIFLE! CNJFO is proud to partner with SC Arms in the fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights. Don't need a fishing or hunting license renewal? Stop in anyway to buy some ammo & check out the inventory (growing daily) and the artwork. Relax on the overstuffed couches in the lounge area & have a coffee. You'll feel like you're HOME! While you're there, if you're not already a CNJFO member, pick-up one of our brochures & JOIN to help us FIGHT BAD GUN LAW! Check out all this place has to offer and keep a small "Mom & Pop" shop in business. They're in Unit 5 at Romeo Plaza on Summerhill Road in Spotswood, NJ. For more info & store hours, go to: www.savagecerakote.com, email them at: [email protected] or call 732-425-4996. You'll be glad you did!
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    Perfection, reached again.
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    It didn't backfire, I knew you were talking tongue-in-cheek. I just kinda twisted it a bit. Sometimes I can't figure whether to try to use the emoticons or not. They help, sometimes, with expressing better ones' thoughts, but on the other hand, if people need them, maybe my choices of words isn't careful enough. It's not like my tone of voice or faclal expressions help much on here. Sometimes I'm torn between giving credit to the smart people here actually BEING smart, or risking being misunderstood. Too bad that can't be the biggest concern I, as a firearms supporter, have to deal with.
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    After further research it's actually cheapercto get a 2 piece or hinged GB for an existing build. Different story for a new build. To swap out the MB, I have to cut off a $100+ Lantac dragon, pay $85 for this MB, and then have it pinned. OR. Cut off a $40 GB and get the hinged YHM GB for $50. And I don't have to worry about it again.
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    That's exactly the way I look at it. Plan A is me. Plan B is to call 911 so the police can come and take a report.
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    Actually, I was being facetious. Magazines you load rounds into vs. magazines you read. Kinda backfired on me.
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    I've seen Garands converted to use BAR and M14 magazines.
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    Looks like a Kahr.
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    Does it bother anyone else that the 10 rd pmag costs more than the 30 rd pmag?
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    Sig won. Glock sucks! why do I think my wife is gonna want one?
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    Ray, a muzzle device that you can slide a gas block over is nice in a state where everything has to be pinned and welded. Opens up a lot of options to upgrade or modify as new stuff becomes available.

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