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  1. I see you’re a law abiding citizen. Poachers don’t use handguns. “Handgun hunting is allowed “. Think what ya said. Poaching is illegal
  2. Nice Ray - Bayonne is small enough that you could hit something on the other side of town with a shotgun
  3. There's a bill that will probably be defeated for Constitutional carry here. My permit was a few maybe 3 weeks. No loaded long guns because you guys are a bunch of poachers
  4. The place is a killing field for white farmers. My nurse was SA and the stories she told me. Ya think you made an understatement? Used to be a decent place.
  5. It was 90 degrees here today and you can have a handgun in your glove box or console sans CWP. And it seldom takes 90 days. Still have snow up there? Oh and BTW to knock a squirrel out of the bird feeder hold 12" high and 12" right with a 50yo Daisy mod 25 pump bb gun at 20 yds.
  6. Good advice - Though I actually take it to the UPS Shipping Center (a UPS Store won't take it)
  7. If you made me the right deal, I could right meet you right off of I-95 on your way up north... I'm in SC. Loads of FFLs and cheap OS
  8. KKM barrel cut my groups in half from a rest at 25 yds
  9. Love the TSX but be careful. I shoot 62gr TSX for medium sized gave out of a 22Nosler. Because they're pure copper they are longer per given weight than a lead bullet. Thus, barrel rate of twist needing compatibility with bullet length (not weight) may effect your accuracy. Just saying and shoot, shoot, shoot. Talk to "Bully" if you need bedding. Have fun, prepare well and "reach out and touch someone".
  10. I don't know how you came up with that 400 number or why you're so tied to it. You shoot small at 300 and learn to read wind you'll be better than fine. Nobody has talked about wind. Just as a matter of convenience I'm not attaching a ballistics chart but believe me wind will F' you up. Now I don't hunt long but shoot routinely to 800 competitively. I hunt pin point out to 100 but that's the area I hunt. You're gonna shoot 180gr bullets I'm sure. Practice at the CR 300 a lot. Read wind. Wind at their 300 really sux. Practice shooting off of sticks or you pack Just like you will on your hunt. Is your rifle at least 3/4 MOA? If you want to talk get in touch. As you know I'm in SC so unless your coming down I can't help personally.
  11. I consider myself an ethical hunter and if I were you this is what I'd do.... Chrono the load. Map it out (fire it ) at 100,200,300. Compare results to a ballistics chart you develop based on MV and BC and adjust. Extrapolate out to 400. Hey you better develop a ballistics chart anyway what if you get a longer shot?
  12. Surrender your firearm. Jokes/Levity? Exaggerations? Not with firearms my friend.
  13. Having just reviewed the recent results of the poll it is pretty sad. If a firearm is useless to you if you can't get a pinky on it, get some damned training and learn to shoot. I was taught to shoot a 1911 with 3 fingers. I carry a "no pinky gun" every day with no consequence. I'm not a USPSA champ, not some "Operator". Just an average guy that can shoot. I'm kind of thin and need to carry a small pistol. No pinky and a little ring finger on it. I don't want to get crazy here but, self defense involves more that hitting paper and requires a mind set. Yes my fun/target handguns have full grips. Flame on MF'ers HE said it: Carrying a gun should be comforting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be comfortable.
  14. +1 Maks !!! Only the adaptable survive. The "don't fit me" pussies will be rotting corpses. Is that too strong a statement?
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