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  1. You know I'm joking And we know that cops can't shoot Save for useless quals
  2. Those are fighting words Fitness challenge you and me? Just watch your hip, gramps
  3. Oh, you got jokes, huh? Explain my Glock malfunctions Despite the ammo
  4. I remember paying 90/can so how about double that? 180/can of 440?
  5. Looks like all the cheap surplus dried up. Who overbought and is looking to make some cash? I'm in Somerset, 08873.
  6. Welcome. I too grew up in Piscataway and now reside in Somerset. Stop following me.
  7. I'd be down. But not if that high exposure guy shows up, he's weird.
  8. Thanks for grabbing the link!
  9. This is a better idea. If you start as a police officer in NJ today at say, 30 years old, you won't reach full retirement until 65. That's wayyy too old for a street cop.
  10. Can't speak for everyone but most of my coworkers and I prefer to issue the no point low-cost summons instead of the mandatory court appearance points ticket if we even feel that a summons is appropriate. Scrape the sticker off of the windshield. This is what the MVC requests and it catches my eye less than an expired sticker.
  11. Bookmark this site and check it religiously. Good luck. http://uslawman.websitetoolbox.com/?forum=4499
  12. Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions. I really appreciate it.
  13. Looking for an njgf member or an njgf member recommendation to mount and balance 225/50/17 tires for my wife's Acura. Tires are showing up Tuesday and I'd bring the tires and wheels with me hopefully on Wednesday. Thanks!