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  1. https://imgur.com/a/f9ammlw
  2. TOMORROW!!! Got a little anal on this one, Every part is marked PB, gas cyl, gas cyl lock and screw, handguard, rear handguard clip, oprod, clip latch, all internals, complete trigger group, bolt, rear sight, and receiver. Oh and stock!!!
  3. An all PB marked Beretta, Will get pics over weekend.
  4. Barrel wear and maker of barrel will affect also.
  5. I changed address last year, No prints & No reference letter!
  6. Go with Wilson and have no issues!
  7. I have a beretta that I am thinking about selling, ALL parts, including stock PB beretta made. Not cheap, very rare.PB marked, receiver, barrel, clip latch, Oprod [which is valued at 300 alone because of rarity]
  8. I've gone out in that inlet in 21"s, 23's and 24's, If you don't know it , It is suicide!, Coming back in, depending on the tide is worse!
  9. Then you have Barnegat Inlet! The worst on the east coast.
  10. I have had boats on bar. bay since 1967. Last boat was a 24' proline CC. Sold it in 2007, have not looked back!!! Had slips in bayville,Forked river TWP dock for a few years, Waretown for a few years. BB is NUTS. I mostly went outside and that is getting NUTS!
  11. I have no use for it, I have about 15-20 M1 stocks, know nothing about 98s. Send me the info. Thanks.
  12. More pics https://imgur.com/a/x9YXymf
  13. No cracks or cartouches, https://imgur.com/a/x9YXymf
  14. Neighbor gave me an old K98 stock. Looks to be in good cond. Value?
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