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  1. 1563621

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Lines are forming now!!
  2. 1563621

    Free gun magazines!

    Dave, Figured it was a lost cause, but, never know. Doing ok, and I see you lucky dog! Moved!
  3. 1563621

    A couple new 1911's for the collection

    Nice Pair!
  4. If you get a pyro. cert. there are stage jobs available also. Lots of pyros. at the rock concerts I have worked on. Some live theater also.
  5. 1563621

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Then it is a VAR. Good barrels.
  6. 1563621

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Need pic.
  7. 1563621

    WTB 1911

    Nice one!!! If that was 38Super, I would be all over it!
  8. 1563621

    "Responsible" Training?

    WTF! Shocked.
  9. 1563621

    Show Your Custom Handguns

    Did I hear Wilson? https://imgur.com/a/2Ovvmui
  10. 1563621

    Song and a dance....

    NH=Best! By far!
  11. 1563621

    WTB 1911

    Wilson CQB. 2K. https://imgur.com/a/kJ1Nxte
  12. 1563621

    Show Your Custom Handguns

    I have a Colt 9MM model 70 series converted to 38 Super, and a Les Baer commander in 38 Super also. https://imgur.com/a/D1pSw https://imgur.com/a/q0gRA
  13. 1563621

    Finally Got me a M1 Garand

    Can you PM serial #s and barrel dates? Dave

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