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  1. What ANYONE THINKS doesn't matter! What the RULES ARE matters. Nothing has substantially changed in the qualification process except now you need to score 80% in order to qualify (200 x 250). And you need to do it WITH THE GUN YOU'RE GOING TO CARRY! So, since there isn't a "Change Form", you'll have to qualify with your new, unpurchased & unregistered (and UNPRACTICED WITH) handgun. ~R
  2. ^^^^THIS! Superior Court Judges still have to actually try cases and not just hold ccw hearings. NJSP Superintendent Callahan was quoted as expecting 200 THOUSAND applicants to come outta the woodwork, so.... I feel that they (Superior Court Judges) themselves will say to the legislature, "Sorry, you'll have to find someone else to do this!"...and the system will morph from what we have now---going up against a County Prosecutor---to more of a "Shall Issue" arrangement and the CLEO's will be the last word. The same CLEO's that hate guns and stall permits to purchase... EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CALM THE EFFF DOWN and wait for Schmutter & Bach to come up with the Road Map. Everything else is just BULLSHIT at this point and a waste of time dealing with "What-If's"........ ~R
  3. MODELS WANTED AGES 8-13 FOR JULY 10 CNJFO PHOTO SHOOT! HELP US TAKE BACK THE NARRATIVE BY TEACHING GUN SAFETY! by Black Wire Media Thur. June 9, 2022 https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Do YOU have a son or daughter OR grandson or granddaughter that is comfortable around guns and available for a day-long Photo Shoot taking place on a private farm in southern New Jersey on Sunday July 10, 2022? We'd like to hear from you! CNJFO is scheduling a Modeling Shoot with professional photographers whose images will show youngsters dressed in and using "sponsor swag" and firearms and accessories donated to us. Given current events, we're being proactive in defending Second Amendment rights by showing youth enjoying the American outdoor lifestyle while using items donated by our amazing sponsors. It's both a "thanks" to our sponsors AND making a statement that today's youth should be taught gun safety. Parent / Guardian signatures are required for event release forms and model releases. Parent / Guardian must remain on site. Some shooting with ammunition is expected; all safety equipment will be provided. Event will be catered; restroom and changing room (if needed) is provided. Images will remain the property of CNJFO, and might appear in sponsor advertising, catalogs, social media, etc. Serious inquiries ONLY; direct all responses to CNJFO Youth Outreach Chair Eric M. Saperstein! Yours in the fight to save the 2nd Amendment from TYRANNY, Eric M. Saperstein 609-658-2955 / [email protected] CNJFO Youth Outreach Chair Like what we're doing and want to help offset the cost of this unique event? Please consider making a DONATION from anywhere in America (we're a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Corp.) at: https://www.cnjfo.com/Donate
  4. I don't know why exactly, but this image reminds me of Donald Sutherland's character Oddball in "Kelley's Heros". With Moriarity havin' all them "NEGATIVE WAVES", lol!
  5. No. I noticed this years ago when this video first hit YouTube. Did you see the video with a symphony member in the Percussion Section shooting the cap gun? From the movie, "A Few Dollars More" :
  6. You're on the 30 Day Clock to file the appeal. Forget the CLEO meeting. Figure out how many thousands of bucks you have to put towards this, and call a lawyer. Make sure that your lawyer is a firearms specialist, NOT a generalist that's a friend of the family. ANJRPC has a list they recommend (free initial consult to ANJRPC members btw) and Pisano (from above) is on that list! Getting someone qualified to give you "the letter" saying you won't harm yourself takes time & MONEY. It's not a single visit. Your attorney will know in what order things need to get done (filing appeal, expungement, reapplication) and about what the fees are. If you have dual residency in another state DO NOT TRANSFER any firearms. Lying on a 4473 opens up a whole new can of worms. Good luck! ---R
  7. My Op-Ed from earlier today: WILL BUYING LEGAL POT GET YOUR GUNS TAKEN AWAY? MARIJUANA POSSESSION & USE STILL ILLEGAL FEDERALLY! Op-Ed by Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Black Wire Media Editor in-Chief Thursday April 21, 2022 www.cnjfo.com/join-us As of today, April 21, 2022, recreational marijuana (pot) is legal in New Jersey if purchased from a licensed, regulated & taxed business that sells it to individuals that produce identification such as a driver's license. Let's celebrate, right? NO, not exactly... As 2A advocates have been pointing out to all those with deaf ears, in order buy firearms at a gun store (FFL) legally in this country, you have to first fill-out a BATF&E form #4473 and check-off a box swearing you're NOT a user of pot---even medical exemptions aren't allowed! In fact, you can't even possess ammunition! Gun dealers have been warned to be on the lookout for pot users and to REFUSE TO SELL ANY FIREARM or ammunition to any person that says they are a "user" on the #4473 firearms transfer form! ENTRAPMENT OR BACK DOOR GUN CONTROL, YOU DECIDE! Although Police agencies around the state have been alerted to not arrest "legal users", you still can't grow your own or buy bags of pot on the street because the state doesn't see tax money from the sale & use. Will the Justice Department seek to learn WHO uses legal pot? Will information be SHARED to the BATF&E data base to "provide common sense solutions for gun crime" so as to enable the feds to round-up "high" gun owners in buses for lying on a gun transfer form? Where will all of the CONFISCATED GUNS be stored, and will there be any way for gun owners to ever see or use them again? And WHY is no one else talking about this, eh? Since not even the legitimate use of medical marijuana is allowed federally, does the partner or spouse of a medical MJ user have their gun rights VANISH too? Will "Refer Madness" cause gun safe doors to fly open all on their own and firearms start "just going-off" all by themselves? What about a police academy cadet living at home with a parent needing medical marijuana? Do we disarm her/him because mommy has breast cancer and her medical MJ makes life bearable? Will the current Anti-Gun administration appoint a Director to BATF&E that is willing to eliminate the cannabis question on the 4473's we fill out at every FFL transfer, and how long do gun owners have to wait for all the pieces of the MJ puzzle to fall into place so every time they touch a firearm or buy a box of shells, they're not committing a FEDERAL CRIME? What are other states that made MJ legal to possess and use currently doing? Does the BATF&E even care? Does ANYBODY care? Unless & UNTIL the federal government makes marijuana "legal", any possession, transfer, ownership, transportation or use of a firearm is ILLEGAL! So why is the New Jersey Attorney General giving every police officer in the state a special "carve-out" to smoke pot off-duty? How do cops buy guns legally when they have to fill out the same #4473 form we all do? So police cadets in training that "light-up" can't own guns, but those that pass the academy training can? LOTS of unintended consequences need answered! Maybe it's time to CHANGE THE FEDERAL LAW? What's your "take" on all of this, we'd like to know?
  8. CNJFO has a squad that will be there. Attending this worthwhile event for the Coalition's "Dusters And Missers Club" will be CNJFO Life Member @Ms. 12 Gauge and @Mr.Stu and two others proudly representing! Here's a jpg of the flyer: Here's Ms. 12 Gauge accepting her award for High Lady at the CNJFO Sporting Clays I ran a while back: I can't be in two places at once and am running the CNJFO Hog Hunt in Bainbridge, PA the same morning! I wish you great success and hope you raise the funds needed to get the kids to the Nationals! Rosey
  9. Do you need them right away or can you wait until the first weekend in June? WW2 Reenactors all over the Reading, PA Air Show at MAAM. Lots of vendors to choose from, and all grades of ammo pouches, belts, etc. Watch fighters & bombers all day long, even a B-29! Rides are pricey bucket list items. Plenty to see & do on the grounds of Reading Regional Airport! Mid Atlantic Air Museum https://www.maam.org ---Rosey
  10. Nick has much more experience than I in terms of current offerings by the latest manufacturer's lines. My go-to's are Oliva-V, Liga #9, La Gloria Cubana Churchill, and for a morning smoke I still like a Macanudo Prince Phillip Cafe. I like my full-bodied sticks in the afternoon & evening, especially after a sweet dessert & coffee. Rosey
  11. @Mr.Stu THIS^^^. I have 46 1/2 YEARS worth of mags at my son & dil's house in Pennsy. Guarded by a pair of the Queen's Dogs and a pair of cats. No trespasser dare enter The alarm would sound and said person would instantly become the center of affection
  12. NJ NICS IS NOW SHUT DOWN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! BREAKING: NJ NICS DOWN AND NO IDEA WHEN IT WILL RESUME! 2,164 ALREADY BG CHECKED BUYERS WAIT FOR THEIR FIREARMS! by Black Wire Media Thurs. Mar. 10, 2022 www.cnjfo.com/join-us New Jersey's firearms permitting "Instant Check System" is DOWN and the state has NO IDEA when their redundant processing will resume! Much like trying to put a house fire out with a garden hose, the Firearms Unit is currently 2,164 checks behind, and was working on March 5th transfers when the entire system shut down! For those that are unaware, firearm buyers in NJ are already background checked to obtain their firearms ID cards used for buying long guns (NJFPID) and they're already background checked BY THE SAME FIREARMS UNIT when their handgun permits are emailed to them! So this needless, redundant check is now PREVENTING legal gun buyers---that already passed a background check---to obtain their firearms at point of transfer! Since handgun permits are issued with an expiration date, as NJ residents can't be trusted with guns and might knock-over a bank or a liquor store between the time they apply for a permit and the time they actually obtain the transfer, some gun buyers will be told their handgun permits HAVE EXPIRED due to the DELAY caused by the state! Worse yet, every firearms transfer in NJ is treated as a first-time buyer making their first purchase! So collectors with a proven track record of NOT being arrested for firearms violations sit in the same line needlessly waiting and causing more "traffic jam" of the transfers to first-time buyers! A right delayed is a right DENIED and the state of New Jersey absolutely loves to delay and deny firearms rights, so here we go again! #CNJFO #2A #2AHeavyLifters #2ashallnotbeinfringed
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