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On 5/7/2017 at 9:34 PM, sota said:

I need to order a belt from Alien Gear to try out.

I can say that their holsters are an excellent bang for the buck, especially the pair deal.  I'm hoping their belt is a sturdy one.

My regular carry gear is a R. Grizzle Leather reinforced belt, with either an R. Grizzle leather holster (I have IWB and OWB) or if i'm feeling loose on the clothing, SafariLand ALS 6378 retention holster.

I have the AlienGear belt, and like it quite a bit. Now, the only thing I have to compare it to is a 5.11 belt that was just a tad too small. However I am very happy with my AlienGear belt. Recommendation, for carry, get a belt that is sized for ~4" bigger than your normal pants size. For example, I wear size 34 waist pants, got a size 38 belt.

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Having purchased and worn 1 1/2" inch wide custom leather gun belts by both Alien Gear and Mitch Rosen, I can attest that the Alien Gear belt is the stiffer of the two.  Alien Gear "sandwiches a spring-steel core between two layers of 7 oz. English Bridle leather.  It is a very nice belt and a very good deal at a cost of approx. $60 and certainly passes your "Hoola-Hoop" comparison requirement.

Having said that, I actually prefer the Mitch Rosen gun belt.  It is hand-crafted from very fine strapping cowhide leather and is cut on a curve, which provides a better more comfortable fit.  I also opted for the tapered ends which contributes to a more normal belt look in fron tand therefore does not look like a gun belt. It is harness-stitched around the perimeter and finished like a fine dress belt and has a very pronounced and wonderfully intoxicating rich leather aroma, that costs $140.  Of course, the Mitch Rosen holsters match the color and finish of the belt and looks really good IMHO.  Here are web site links to both:


Alien Gear Gun Belt, (Black Leather w/ Flat Black Buckle)

Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather
1 ½ inch width strapping leather with tapered ends (Light Brown)

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