Greetings from Collingswood, NJ

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New firearm owner. I applied for my FID back in August and my local police department got my paperwork processed and approved faster than I anticipated. Went out and bought a Ruger AR 556(NJ compliant, obviously). So far haven't done much besides practice loading and unloading the thing. 

I've played airsoft for the past 10 years, so I understand how a gun works in theory, but now I'm learning how to operate real steel literally. Figured I'd join here to learn a thing or two.

Also, have my handgun permit sitting on my dresser, planning on purchasing a pistol in the next month or two, any suggestions for a reliable, budget handgun would be appreciate as well.

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Gloucester County

You will need a place to shoot, looking at anything in particular (Range)?

lot’s of great handguns out there, if I were buying my first, it would be the golden retriever of handguns - Glock 19 (should be seeing a lot of deals on gen 4’s, and they’re fine).

Guns makes are like trucks and football teams, everyone has their favorite, also like pizza, some are better than others, but they’re all good!

Good luck, and welcome to the forum, btw, hope you’re not practicing loading that new Ruger with live ammo in your house......

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