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What do you make of this optic?

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(usual disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this company/product)


Forty bucks for a dot sight.  Same for their spotting scope.  Free ship.  Looks too good to be true, but....


What do you think?

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Looks like very cheap made in China stuff that you can get on Amazon for a better price.


The website SCREAMS of a data aggregator where the real goal is to get your information and sell it to other people for marketing/SPAM purposes.  It doesn't look like it offers any real/original content at all.

I have the optic they offer (got mine at the Amazon link) and it did surprisingly well on my Sub-2000 for about a year.  After that the dot would disappear from time to time because the selector knob became loose.

I replaced it with their next-gen model - https://www.amazon.com/Pinty-Reflex-Holographic-Different-Reticles/dp/B01EWAAWGU/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=red+dot&qid=1553704460&s=gateway&sr=8-12

So far, so good.

My advice it to stay away from ordering from websites like the one listed above.  GO through a regular retailer and you'll usually get a better price, better shipping/returns, and less distribution of your information.

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6 minutes ago, SmittyMHS said:

I bought a similar RDS years ago just to see if I would like a real one. Don't think I paid $40 at that time.

Look familiar?


BUT .... Not bad for $19

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