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Fresno Mass Shooting: 10 shot, 4 dead, as gunman opens fire on family watching football

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Was the gunman upset at the score of the game, or was his team losing? Maybe upset that he wasn't invited to the party?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At least ten people have been shot, and four are dead after Fresno Police say a suspect opened fire as a family gathered at an east-central Fresno home Sunday night.

Fresno Police say around 45 people were at the home to watch a football game on television.

The suspect came into the backyard and opened fire on the ten people that were in the yard. The other 35 people inside the home were not injured.


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Still no word on suspect or suspects, motive, or type of weapon used:

...."Residents complained that other shootings have happened recently in the same neighborhood. The home where the attack took place is near an industrial area with commercial buildings near the Fresno airport.

Calvin Gatison, who lives on the same block, said the street had been peaceful for years, but at least two shootings happened in recent weeks.

Choua Vang told the Bee that his neighbor’s house was shot at last week and that he feels unsafe outside after dark."


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Haven't seen the wall to wall coverage on the MSM with this one. Wonder if this was why:

..." Investigators say that at least two suspects entered the backyard from the side of the house and opened fire, using semi-automatic pistols, on the 16 men that were in the yard. The people in the yard say they did not see the suspects, only flashes of light from the guns. Because of that, Fresno Police have not been able to provide a description of the suspects. "


It wasn't young, white, male Republicans using AR15s "assault weapons of mass killings".

How's this for irony... this congressional district voted for Kamala Harris, the one who will use Executive Orders to take away firearms.... Hmmm, wonder if that will include her constituents in this district?

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