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    No it’s not NJ, but it is arguably the biggest showdown between freedom-loving citizens and civil rights hating, billionaire-financed politicians in recent months. If we allow VA to go the way of DC, NJ, NY, MA and MD then I fear the RKBA battle will get significantly harder. Make your plans now to join the VCDL for their “Lobby Day” on January 20th in Richmond, VA and irrefutably demonstrate to VA legislators that they do NOT represent the interests of the majority of citizens. More details at ar15.com Virginia hometown forum: https://www.ar15.com/forums/Hometown/VCDL-Lobby-Day-info-Including-links-to-ride-share-/24-638659/
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    Who had it in stock and did they have more. Waiting on permits to pick one up myself.
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    Not gonna lie. I printed a few of these and placed them around the break room at work.
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    If you are (or use) an independent contractor of any type within NJ... I hope you've been following the issue of bill S4204 proposed by Steve Sweeney which seeks to codify a new, narrower definition of "independent contractor". In a nutshell, (my opinion here) this was generated primarily because of these app-based businesses like Uber. The NJ Dept of Labor recently assessed a $649M fine against Uber for classifying it's drivers as contractors rather than employees - Uber is fighting it. But, I believe this push is not out of "concern for workers" as it's been presented, but is more about greed - a grossly inefficient, overspending state anxiously trying to capture additional revenue, as well as greedy unions who want dues from additional members. Here's the problem... whether intentions were noble or, as I believe, just plain greedy... the law seems likely to have sweeping unintended consequences. For instance, large employers might just say - you know what? NJ is just too much of a pain in the ass to deal with. We're not going to hire any more freelancers who live in NJ. Lest you think that's crazy talk, California passed a similar but even stricter law - and sure enough - several large companies that use contractors (for instance, a big transcription company) just simply dropped all California freelancers from their rolls! The opposition to this bill is growing and varied - coming from individual freelancers, groups that represent them, Chambers of Commerce, AAA (whose roadside services are contracted), the trucking industry, etc. If you're a small business that hires contractors, these kinds of laws can complicate your life immeasurably - and you could end up being forced to hire people as employees who you actually only use a handful of times a year for specialty work. (Like a general contractor who brings in a mason to build chimneys on his projects, etc.) They just held a hearing on the bill, and there was FOUR hours of pissed off testimony mostly from freelancers and small business owners. Apparently, Sweeney's response is to re-do the bill to carve out more "exemptions". It seems to me if you get this much push back, and have to carve out a ton of exemptions... perhaps the law is just a dumb idea to begin with? Personally, I think our state has run up so much debt, and is so desperate for money, we'll be seeing all kinds of overreaching "money grabs" like this in the coming years. As a freelance writer, I've been following the issue, but I think there may be others on here who would be impacted if this passed... and I couldn't find another thread on it, so I just wanted to alert you. I've included several links if you want to investigate further. This is an open issue - I don't think it's going away anytime soon! https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/proposed-new-jersey-legislation-threatens-independent-contractors https://reason.com/2019/11/21/new-jersey-takes-a-swipe-at-the-gig-economy-with-new-independent-contractor-bill/ https://www.njspotlight.com/2019/11/revamping-nj-labor-law-to-protect-workers-in-gig-economy-boost-state-taxes/ https://www.nfib.com/content/nfib-in-my-state/new-jersey/nj-independent-contractor-bill-to-create-turmoil-for-small-biz/
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    86 is a pretty full life. R.I.P. Danny
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    Well if your around when I go to the range, then sure you can try mine out.
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    No problem for non- hollowpoint ammunition. Hollowpoint - transporting it from your home to your son’s is *NOT* an allowed transport and could get you arrested.
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    I’m planning to go and may possibly have room in my car (leaving from Asbury Park area) if any other NJ’sians want to share a ride down.
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    The deer probably had dirt on the clintons......
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    How can I possibly remember all those letters and numbers? Password would probably be easier to remember.
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    it needs to be at least 8 characters long. change it to admin123, much stronger.
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    Iguana chili. Iguana gumbo. Braised iguana, fried iguana, baked iguana, iguana tacos, roast iguana....one could go all Emeril LaGasse on the lizard recipes!
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    Everything taste like chicken because chicken has little taste
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    These people were using default passwords and usernames.. Not that you cant get hacked otherwise, but using these examples is not really being genuine to the "flaw" in using them. Realistically, the werent even hacking anything... they just tried default passwords and gained access to the system via the online software. The internet has never been kind to stupid people.
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    People began hunting them a few years back using sling shots.. i saw some cooking show where they went out on boats and kids were shooting them with air rifles and sling shots. If Florida wants to solve this they should ask the president to proclaim he loves iguanas and no one should ever harm them... within days the liberals will descend on Florida like locusts and wipe out the entire iguana population
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    Seconding Reolink. I have a wired camera system for the outdoor areas. Excellent coverage - cameras are great - PoE so only need to run the network cable. On sale right now for an excellent price. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B016UCNP3A/
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    I would say sig p320 or cz p-01 for 9mm, don't really think there are any other options all things considered. sig gives you modularity, standard issue for mil so you will have huge aftermarket support, balanced, reliable and very accurate cz gives you unrivaled reliability, metal, accuracy, and natural point of aim Second is most definitely a wheel gun. Might I suggest the 686
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    They have a python problem already..
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    I would buy one just to meet the legend in the truck!
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    Pre-Order is now Closed.. Thanks to all those who participated.
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    Look into reolink, I have multiple and they are really simple, reliable, and easy to use. They have indoor and outdoor cameras, battery or corded, I prefer the outdoor, I have one mounted under my porch roof that covers the front door and the front walk, and you can't see it until you are on the porch. I access the camera mainly by the Android app and can view the live and history from anywhere but can also pull them up on PC. I put an sd card in mine and have it setup like a dash cam so it loops through and deletes the oldest data to make room for new files. With heavy use I still get 3+ weeks of history. Mine is setup to record on motion. You can set the motion zones that trigger recording to block out cars passing on the street for instance. I would recommend putting it outdoor and getting one with some nightvision or it will be relatively useless for a lot of important time. Cameras need a lot of light for a good picture and simply turning on a porch light is not going to be enough at night. In addition ir lighting and nightvision is not gonna work well through glass.
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    picked this M9A3 up last spring after Shot Show And YES!!! they also made them in Sniper Grey too!! While i fell in love with the 92FS originally.... the newer models have a bit more practicality.
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    Look no further...Sig is your answer. P320 give you modularity and ability to customize. P226 is great for your 2nd choice.
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    1. Pork roll, unless I'm out of town and ordering it. 2 Do people actually boil ribs? Is that a thing? I mean even if you're desperate, 2 sticks can make a fire to cook properly- so I'm not sure if that's a trick question.
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