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    There is another thread about vacuum sealers that I participated in and the Food Saver was highly recommended and I purchased it. I couldn't be happier. Get a model that will use the roll bags so you can cut them to a custom size. I purchased this one. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DI342B4?ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details&th=1
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    I use my FoodSaver every day. I buy bulk rolls on Amazon to save money. Ammo to food, it works great! I have the model below and having owned others through the years, this one has been the best by far!
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    Stay away from Cabela's/Bass Pro sealers. They all have bad reviews. I bought one from Cabela's, never worked right from day one. Made do with it until it stopped sealing properly. Just bought a Hamilton Beach sealer last week, and so far, it is head & shoulders above the Cabela's (VacMaster) for less money.
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    I use a food saver, but have found that the seal it makes sometimes fails while it is in the freezer. For that reason, I run it twice to make 2 sealed lines about 1/2 inch apart. Otherwise it's great. Food is much less susceptible to freezer burn when it is vacuum sealed.
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    I get it, many NJ servants are conditioned and brainwashed even as patriots. Taylor Greene is a real American and a patriot and not a swamp politician. God bless her. Hows that port?
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    About 3 years ago I did a budget .308 bolt rifle build. MUCH easier than the AR build I completed a couple of months ago. Howa 24" .308 Heavy Barrel Action from Brownells B&C Varmint stock Athlon scope Knock-off Harris-style stock I took my time assembling, but everything went together very well. The only challenge i found was that the travel of the bolt was sluggish when I had everything bedded/torqued in to the stock. I took everything apart and put it back together a few times and realized that the channel in the stock behind the bolt wasn't quite deep enough, so the bolt was rubbing against it. This meant the line of travel wasn't straight and there was friction against the metal frame. I used a light tough with my dremmel tool to make the channel big enough for the bolt, and the action is smooth as silk. Before: After:
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    with regards to salt, or any other <insert ingredient here>, in the case of some level of SHTF, i'm not really going to concern myself with eating 100% healthy; just having reasonable nourishment is a far larger concern. We're talking about days or at worst weeks of stash eating. If it gets into months or years, I'd contend that you have FAR more pressing concerns than eating healthy. Also, I'm going to suggest people look into something that I consider is an overlooked aspect of prepping: storage and transport. i bring this up because, of the past couple of years I've gotten heavily into using milk crates to store and transport stuff. They're conveniently sized, easy to transport, stack and interlock. The one company i've gotten them from has 4-gal, 6-gal, and "super" crate sizes, so depending on your physical abilities you can adjust to your needs.
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    6 round limit for semi auto shotguns. VR80's are pretty nice but i need more experience with em before passing judgement
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    Secret to finding a good deal on a nice pre-owned vehicle is always be looking. I'm often looking at used trucks and cars. Just becuase. Back in beginning of 2019 when the tranny went on my 2004 base model Grand Prix I knew exactly where a repalcement was. 2004 Grand Prix Comp G with 73,500 miles for $3700. It needed new brake lines shortly after I purchased it and a few other small things. But hopefully I'll be driving that thing for a may years to come. Buddy of mine does same thing. Always looking. He LOVES mid-90s Ford Broncos and his current vehicle is on it's last legs. He drove by a local "We Buy Cars" place. There was a mid-90s Bronco that wasn't all rusted out on their lot. He turned around to look at it. One owner with 75k miles. He pulled the Carfax. Everthing looked legit. Took it to a mechanic friend who checked it out. Everything looked good. Asked the guy how much. Guy didn't really know because they really don't sell cars. They send them off to auction. He said, "I paid $17k for it. Give me $18k and it's your's." It's in my friends driveway now. He's crazy happy. So just keep looking. Narrow down your search. Ask friendns what dealers they've liked. Read dealer reviews on Google. Don't be afraid to look at smaller corner lots if we'll established with good reviews. We bought our Yukon from a SMALL corner lot. Been in business for 20 years. Has a 4.7 rating with close to 50 reviews on Google. Sounds like you aren't opposed to older vehicles if you would take a an 86 K5 Blazer (great looking ride). Maybe look at some of the auctions like Barrett Jackson's. I've seen some older, lower mileage vehicles that looked to be in great shape go for what I thought were decent prices. Considering the crazy stupid prices of newer used vehicles right now you may find a good deal on a semi-classic. Also check out "Bring A Trailer". A classic vehicle auction site. Link below. Good luck and let us know what you wind up getting. Definetly check out the GM800s series of trucks / SUVs. I like them a lot. https://bringatrailer.com/
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    That's one of the few things I buy in cans... and sauerkraut and dog food.... Remember, men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
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    My favorite truck body style.
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    So you didn't buy any beans?
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    I had to repair my 97 Tacoma frame my 98 Tacoma it completely snaped in half my 98 4runner the perch that secures the link bar to the rear rusted off had that rewelded , i thought the newer Tacoma's had that issue solved a friend who has a 2013 Tacoma on the drivers side forward of the mid frame you can almost put your fist in 2 spots hes still waiting to here back from the dealer if there going to replace the frame or what there going to do if anything , On the Toyota forums there's guys who have issues with the 2016 frames so not sure who there using for there frames but there seems to still be an issue. Hell ill even take an 86 K5 blazer
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    She's not the first person to be stereotyped and demonized by the media and I am sure she won't be the last.
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    The key difference between airsoft and BB is that the airsoft ball has a tiny, hollow center. The same applies to paintball - the center is liquid, not solid.
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    I'm as guilty as anyone. But on the subject of gun control, as I state in my periodic gun club update, 'gun control does not occur in a vacuum'. So, the entire political climate must be monitored and discussed, because the issue of gun control will be determined in that climate. All the techniques surrounding the handling of COVID-19 will be used to suppress our 2A rights. I can hardly wait to hear what the 'wise Latina' will come up with deciding gun control cases brought to the court. '100,000 children were killed by gun violence last year!"
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    Anyone ever remember being tested for a common cold in.... Ever?
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    I would tend to agree but there are a couple issues. In cold or cool weather, just about any jacket or coat would negate the usefulness of the kinetic rounds and in hot weather, concealment is an issue. I'm not so sure your average LEO would not give you shit. I would not choose to be a test case! Show it to a COP and tell him "But officer, it's not a gun...It's a launcher". I bet he will show you his launcher pretty quickly!
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    Agreed, but it looks like a real handgun. I think carrying something like that makes it much more likely that you're going to get shot. And $400 for a glorified paintball gun? No thanks.
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    From everything I've read. yes... concealed... same as carrying pepper spray. And that's the one downside, if someone thinks it's a real handgun.
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    Probably not. I wouldn't want to be the test case. Also, it looks too much like a real firearm, so I wouldn't want to take the chance of it being mistaken for one.
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    I bought this in November. The RDO version and love it. fits the hand real nice.
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