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Post Your Tactical Shotgun Pics

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Jeremy - super nice! what kind of side saddle is that on the stock of your Mossberg? I want one that would fit on my Knoxx stock, that looks like it would work... and the heatshield..is that aftermarket or by Mossberg? did it come with the shotty or you bought it separate?

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Thanks :icon_e_smile:


This is the stock. I like it, but in my opinion the one you have on yours is better quality. The ATI feels nice and everything, But the knoxx is a little nicer. :icon_e_smile:




The Shell holder is also ATI. It fits into pre made holes on the stock. So I believe its made specifically for the Shot force system stock. There may be a way for you to make it work with the knoxx stock, but I'm not sure.




The Side saddle on the shotgun itself is this. It was very easy to install. I put a little gun glue on the screws so they stay put. I have not had any issues with it loosening up.





The Heat Shield. Also easy to put on. Some people think its mostly for show, But it does work. When I got it I went to the range and fired at least 50 shells, And when ever I had to reload I just flipped the shotgun over and held it by the barrel. No way I could have done that without the shield. So It works for me.



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How is that Norinco Glen? Ever had any issues with it? How many rounds through it? How does she shoot? I have always wanted one of those but was a little hesitant.



Well, by design the guns are a bit "chunky" feeling when you cycle them but mine has had no problems, probably 500 rounds or so through it though. Its REALLY fun and you can slam fire them (no disconnector). I hear these are better made than the originals due to metallurgy nowadays. Just dont take it apart (Never tried, never will!)

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