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My New Acquisition

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I just trade my P95 in after owning it for 15+ years. I think it is a great gun for the money and shoots great, you will like it. I just had no use for it and had not shot it in a long time, so I figured someone else could get some use out of it. I had a much older version than the one you got.

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First off, good luck and happy shooting. Ruger makes a fine gun for the money.


Anyhow, i must tell you, when i opeded the picture, the first thing i saw was the made in the USA sticker. I was sold right there! I have recently purchased several firearms, including 2 pistols. ALL were made here in the good ole USA. And, imagine this, they all work like a clock, including my new Ruger SR40.



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brought the ruger to the range this morning.


very happy !


operated flawlessly, easy to shoot and very accurate.


the only negative and it's not really a negative would be the long trigger pull.

after a few rounds i was getting more used to it.


i have two other handguns, a taurus and a sig....and i do like them both

however, i think the ruger has quickly become my favorite.


i highly recommend the p95.

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    • By Porthole
      As pictured, slip on muzzle device. Flash suppressor? Muzzle brake? The vents do not go 360, no vent on the bottom.
      Not sure how to qualify it but with the full size opening I'd venture flash suppressor. 
      Slip on and then pinned with a roll pin and an allen screw on the bottom.
      I had an older model stainless mini (180 series I think), used it on that, don't know about fitment on current models.
      $50 shipped priority mail CONUS.
      Location Delaware
      The first to post "I'll take it" establishes the buyer, PM after that.

    • By this_is_nascar
      Looking to sell this new-like Hogue OM Series Soft Rubber OverMolded Rifle Stock for a standard Ruger 10-22.
      I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles of Gloucester City, zipcode 08030.
      I'm asking $50.
      The 1st "I'll take it" will get the sale.

    • By Maksim
      Ruger just announced the brand new Ruger 57 pistol.  There were a few rumors but it is here.  Totally impressed that Ruger did this... totally did not expect it.  I just got the gun a few weeks ago and enjoyed every moment!  
      Looking forward to getting a few thousand rounds downrange.
      I also covered yesterday's announcement of the Ruger LCP II in 22 LR...

    • By Maksim
      Quite a bit in the making but yay!  Join on YouTube at 9pm ET. 
    • By Maksim
      So after discovering that I can search the Ruger site by caliber... I found this guy... the American Ranch in 7.62x39. 

      So besides that it is cheap... wondering... why?
      I suppose for hunting and cheap ammo?
      In any case... lol. yes. I will be requesting one to test when I am done with the current batch.
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    • Prong collar is amazing. My Pit never ever needed a correction. She would sure come running when I shook it like a set of sleigh bells. She loved her prong collar, many happy times wandering around the neighborhood.
    • Nope they are one of the few who don't ask for it.
    • Does Natchez require a copy of your FID to ship handgun ammo to NJ? I didn’t see mention that they do, only IL. 
    • As KC17 posted above; and all spot on great info..  I was also a member of Range-14 and i too let my membership expire this past January..  It just wasnt for me. The odd hours and days never fit my schedule.. And honestly, its really no cheaper in the end, other then the one time 600$ capital contribution fee. I would take my two kids with the range 14 for two hours. Thats 30$.. Do that a handful of times a year, plus the 90$ annual fee, and you'll be at at least 300$ a year..  At this point, you would be lucky to get in CJRPC until July or August.. With the prorated membership dues, you looking somewhere around 725$..  Hell, sell a case of ammo and your in..  Or apply those Biden bucks to it..  Theres plenty of credit oppurtunities at CJRPC. Get involved and be active, and you could damn near be in for free each year.. If you ever want to just take a drive through and check it out, let me know. Im only 15 mins from there..
    • @rifleman Id love too..  Mind if i PM you right before i know i that i have a free Thursday evening? I would appreciate to meet up with you there so you could show me the ropes over on the skeet/trap side of the club..  I'll admit, my only skeet/trap experience is informal stuff with friends at either the WMA ranges or some farmer friends back field..  No fancy trap gun, just my hunting 12 guages.. And im doing good when i actually hit more than i miss... Ron    
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