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    Okay screw the ferret Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Alex, my point is that the semi is going to be the same reliability it was before. If it was reliable before, even under stress it will likely not change. The pump is more susceptible to input from the user. I believe short stroking is the most common occurrence for stress induced malfs in a pump. And although the users comfort in remediation is important, the question was reliability. I wanted to provoke some consideration as it seems many are just assuming the pump is more reliable. From a purely mechanical standpoint, perhaps a case can be made. But add the human element in and it may in fact be the other way around. I don't use a shotgun in an SD role, it doesn't fit my environment. But if I was, I would use my semi over my pump.
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    Which ever you use best and trust most after proper testing. Having per-conceived notion about whole classes of weapons is foolish, and I prefer to think Im not a foolish person.
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    Stop the PRESSES! Raymond is no longer recommending birdshot as the ideal HD round!?
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    Something to consider in the discussion of pump vs semi for reliability. In a self defense scenario, I do not hold that a pump is more reliable than a semi. Under the stress of a real life encounter I think there is more likelihood for a user induced malfunction with a pump over a semi.
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    Yeah, that's not going to work out too well for you if you have a NJ-defined "assault weapon" in your safe and a search warrant comes-a-calling.
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    No obits, didn't return my calls, etc. I could drive to his address assuming Google is correct, but I don't want to get shot.
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    Zeke - Chill. Especially with the name calling. Vlad puts about 10x more rounds downrange than I do in a year - he knows his stuff.
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    For those of us who weren't born yet, back in the 70s there was concern about the 1911 going off when dropped. No Internet in those days so no way of verifying it actually happened to anyone. HP White Laboratories drop tested 1911s and found if it would discharge with the safety on due to the inertia firing pin. Never heard of this actually happening other than in a laboatory but it convinced Colt to introduce the firing pin safety on the Series 80. Most, if not all, 1911 manufacturers have followed. Although it's mostly retired, I have no reservations about carrying my Series 70 Commander.
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    Is this a come out and see whose is bigger kind of thing? Because dirtydigz has us beat Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    WTF does that have to do with price of tea in China? In practical use people mess up pumps a lot more often then semi-auto's fail. Ammo is irrelevant, to say nothing that most semiauto "failures" from ammo is from people shooting ultra light loads unlike anything used for self defense or hunting. This notion that semi-auto shotguns are unreliable is bunk.
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    This is a cautionary tale for the members of this forum that are new to guns and shooting, or those just venturing into unknown territory; i.e. Buying a revolver after shooting nothing but semi-autos. Make sure that the ammunition that you buy is the correct ammunition for the gun. Check in the owner’s manual (if you have one, if not, either download one from the net or contact the manufacturer and they will send you one for free) to make sure that the ammo you are buying is appropriate for the gun. The impetus for this post is a situation that has presented itself twice to me in the process of selling some ammunition. The first time at a gun show several months ago and, most recently, on here, yesterday. The ammunition in question is for .38 Super caliber guns. I was overjoyed at the gun show when somebody came to the table, saw my ammo displayed, and told me that they wanted to buy it all. .38 Super is a somewhat obscure caliber, but one that is coveted by a cadre of 1911 enthusiasts. I’m a good guy, so I inquired of my potential buyer what gun he had chambered for .38 Super? He responded that it was for his buddy that had a revolver, for which it was hard to find ammo. That was the first red flag, for AFAIK, there are only about 900 revolvers extant, that are factory chambered for this round. So I pressed further. In the end, it turns out that the revolver was a S&W Victory model chambered for .38 S&W or, as the British called it .38/200. Yesterday, I got a response to my current ad, here on the forum. Again, someone wanting to buy the entire lot. In our back and forth communication, I got the impression that he was new to either shooting in general or this caliber specifically. I queried if he realized that this was .38 Super, not .38 Special, to which he asked if I thought this ammo would give his Ruger .357 Mag “issues”. What should be taken away from these two scenarios is that you need to be careful what you’re buying. Not everybody is a nice guy like me – LOL. If you inadvertently buy the wrong ammo at a retail store, or the counter guy gives you the wrong ammo (it happens), it is incumbent on the buyer to know what they have and whether they’ve been handed the correct ammo. At a retail outlet there are no refunds or exchanges on ammunition. If your/their mistake goes unnoticed, at best, it could result in ammo that just plain does not fit or function in the intended firearm or performs sub-optimally, or at worst, do grievous damage to the firearm, or even worse yet, to you. There are many, many calibers that either sound very similar – because most have some relationship to bullet diameter – or, have multiple designations for the same caliber. So caveat emptor. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Old Bridge has a bunch of different types of matches. If you just want to get your feet we with a "competition" try shooting static steel. its lots of fun and little movement. Five targets. But when that buzzer goes off your heart starts to pound and possibly everything you thought you knew is forgotten. Lots of fun and very beginner friendly. Stages sometimes have swingers where you hit one popper which starts two plates swinging. You can take as many shots as you want. No one cares what your time is its a lot of fun. Tomorrow they have a knockdown steel match.That has more targets on the stage and some movement between shooting boxes. Its more challenging but lots of fun. And everyone will be supportive if you just hit a single plate. Lots of good help is offered. Give it a try you will enjoy it.
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    Wow. 60 ports at 25 yards?!?!?!?!?!? That's a great way to eliminate long waiting lines!!!!!
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    yes but the mags will stick out the bottom a bit, also Kadet kits sometimes require a little fitting (light file or sanding)
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    Thats on my list will this fit the CZ75D PCR compact?
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    Good luck in your dream world. Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk
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    On that I think we can all agree. However, my interests are in free flowing information. I like discussion because it can bring things I never considered to my doorstep. Likewise, I pass along information someone else may have not considered but could be relevant for them or their scenario. We have all seen the person that picked X because the were beholding to a concept. But when presented with a better understanding they understood what they liked or what they were comfortable with....was flawed. Thus the learning curve we are all on.
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    http://www.joetheroofer.net/ That's who just did my mom's roof. Ripped off 2 roofs, replaced a bunch of sheathing that was animal damaged (fucking raccoons!) He is very patient with my mother, answered all of her and my questions promptly, and even came out to do a final meet and question with me before she signed the paperwork. Seems like an all around good person to deal with. Her post install questions were also answered promptly (new roof venting system has "bumps" she'd never seen before.)
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    MAK roofing---cheapest and best GAF certified too. I can almost guarantee they'll come in 30% cheaper and do a better job. Used them on my first house and second. My BIL, Dad and several neighbors all used them...very happy.
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    That's what it should ultimately boil down to. What YOU like. What YOU feel comfortable with. What fits YOUR situation. There is no flat out right or wrong answer.
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    There is no Glock 21 SF version in Gen 4. That is Gen 3 only. The Gen 4 frame is the same size as the SF with no grip backstrap installed.
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    Glock 21s come in a short frame (SF) variation too which means the grip is narrower in the front to back measurement for smaller hands. Handling a gun is one thing... id go out and rent a few IMO to see what shoots better for you. Cant go wrong with a glock but there are so many choices. In the glock price range you also have the walther ppq which is phenomenal.
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    I just bought a house - you think I got that kinda money?
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    Seems like they have slowed down a little bit. Or maybe its because ive been indoors painting for 3 weeks
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    The firearms blog, jerking the trigger and soldier systems daily are my go to check everyday. The loadout room is OKAY but they pretty much just feature other blogs work, some is good some is swaggy obvious ads Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    A ferret with a bad attitude Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Come on. We can generalize. Men are stronger than woman. Blacks are faster than whites. Republicans are smarter than Democrats. Pumps are more reliable than semis.
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    Chigger x best stuff I've found. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Equate-Chiggerex-Medicated-Ointment-1-75-oz/25876518 And they suck, super bad. I feel fer ya
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    Sorry that is wrong. Modern semi-autos work better then pumps. I have empirical evidence. People short stroke pumps all the time, struggle with all sorts of issues.
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    I think you should give Glock a try. I know you don't like polymer, but there's no scientific reason not to. If it's about durability, I'd say a Glock will hold up far longer than any 1911 would. The .40s are accurate and reliable shooters that handle very well. I used to say I hated polymer, hated striker fired, etc. then I actually fired a Glock and felt embarrassed about all that nonsense.
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    That wasn't a demolition. That was a systematic disassembly and clean up. A demo would have been me with a chainsaw and big arse sledge. Very neatly done.
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    4:22-26 is not relevant in the situation I described sorry try again. I don't have a fence and I've never chained my dogs yet they don't leave the yard because I TRAINED them. It's really pretty easy. Peterf- did you even read the law your so against? The definition for heavy chain is in there. You are so ridiculous with your arguments and you're not even worth my time have a good day I'm done with you
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    Their next step is to start checking our search history on our devices and arrest us for searching for guns which might be illegal in a location. 1984 is slowly coming. We need more federal judges appointed by Trump and ultimately by Pence over the next 16 years to reverse this stuff.
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    6 ports 50 and 60 ports 25, sorry.
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    I think the 1911 is a good/logical choice. Meets you needs for a different caliber, different feel while still being big enough.
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    I was going to suggest a .45 1911 myself. That said, be careful at Heritage because the last time i was there the guy really didn't seem to know much.
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    Well, you already have 2 hammer fired DA/SA guns. I would suggest something striker fired. Don't discount a larger caliber polymer pistol. I had a Glock 21 Gen 4. Probably the most accurate and best handling .45 I ever shot. It's a big gun made for big hands. It's also the only gun I regret selling.
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    CZ 75B, CZ SP01 or CZ P01 in 9mm and then by kadet conversion kit to shot 22 as well. http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-kadet-adapter-ii-22-lr-adj-sights-10-rd-mags-will-fit-omega-system/

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