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    If I remember correctly that guy got a good settlement after suing the police who wrongly arrested him. Hopefully he bought a bunch of guns with that money
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    What do otters taste like?? Probably similar to ground hog.. doesnt sound to appealing...
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    Isn’t she some pop singer?
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    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/gun-owners-of-america-applies-for-a-red-flag-order-for-senator-charles-schumer/ Seriously, THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN to ANY politician that supports these things, and makes any statement that can even be remotely 'threataning' There's also been at least one case so far of an inmate filing for a Red flag order against a Sheriff in Colorado---
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    So... The zoning permit is in hand! I can now call NJSP and ATF and get the paperwork ball a'rolling. My buddy and I moved the safe and some other extraneous furniture in this weekend. Moving a safe onto the second floor of a building is truly NOT fun. Signs are on the doors in the building. Lights have been upgraded to LED. Printer is in and seems to be working (hand me down freebie). Filing cabinets are in place. I'm heading to Best Buy to look at computers now. But wanted to check in and fill in the blanks from the weekend and today.
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    Slowdowns seem to be pretty common for me, typically more often in the morning. The site was down with DNS error most of the day for me also. Also, not the first time.
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    Probably Corona virus.
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    Cops are not your friends.. even tho you may have friends that are cops. It's common practice to never give more information than an officer is asking for, just dont lie.
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    should go after every officer involved in that arrest in any way. both personally and professionally
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    And Americans in Italy are free to fly home and probably won't face any screening. DHS said yesterday, don't get on a cruise ship. I would have thought that to be obvious since about January 20 when this thing became a global story. I have a co-worker who's brother is stuck on a cruise ship near the Caymen islands and is not allowed to dock. That one isn't in the news yet or it may have resolved, I'm not entirely sure. No plague ships for me! There is a very real chance that people will get in a quarantine zone. This is why you need to have weeks worth of food on hand, not because there is going to be a supply problem. If I'm told to hang out at home? It's a vacation! There is a police enforced quarantine in California. Everyone knows that the infection in California never stays there. Look at the gun laws. Some dunce who was in Quarantine took his daughter to a father daughter dance and will probably be responsible for a cluster in St Louis. This is why quarantines needs to be enforced. Too many people feel that they can't be bothered.
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    I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve lived here my whole life. Yet somehow I keep being shocked
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    If it’s a pandemic, that means the quarantine scenario has failed and the spread is uncontrollable. So to say that it’s a pandemic pretty much means quarantine is no longer a viable way to control the outbreak. I am not sure we are there yet but maybe so. The fact with this virus is that 85% of the people who get it will get anywhere from no symptoms to mild fever, headache, sniffles and coughing. 15% will have a more severe reaction with 90% of those recovering. Because it is a respiratory issue those with underlying health issues, ie. Emphysema, asthma, COPD, etc., or elderly with other heath issues are the at risk group that should be focused on here. When you see these numbers of infected, just remember most will recover from it without an issue and because the virus can present with no issues at all it is nearly impossible to tell the total number of cases. The ones we are hearing about are generally ones that are presenting symptoms though they are testing those in certain cases like the cruise ships. You cannot get a mortality rate for a disease without a solid number of infected and with this one the total number of infected is probably massively higher then the official number, they are just people that had no real reaction or so mild they just ignored it. I think the count of US dead is at 22 so far but the infected count could be in the tens of thousands with most not even knowing they have/had it so were never tested for it. That would make the mortality rate around the normal flu rate by way of comparison. https://www.webmd.com/lung/coronavirus#1 There is a lot of panic right now but stick with the basics, diluted bleach and Lysol go a long way in killing this and most other viruses and bacteria. Washing hands is so basic I’m amazed people need to be told this stuff. Wiping counters and sinks with Lysol or Clorox wipes is pretty much common sense during flu season too. It’s a scary world people, stay safe out there... -Jim
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    He's worried about town issues, not state or national issues. Mt. Olive does not interfere with law abiding residents from obtaining firearms within NJ's current guidelines, so he does not see this as an issue he needs to take a stance on. That is my interpretation of his statement to me. He's 100% wrong on his idea of what the 2A is, if he states he is a supporter, and I told him that.
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    Mad River is the only place to ban boarders in the east. Alta and Deer Valley in Utah do as well. I think those are the last three holdouts
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    Maybe you never read it, but in past discussions about some people’s “concerns” about traveling even to from the range with hollow points, it has been stated by a former LEO here, that they never heard of anyone being charged with possession of them without another more serious charge. If you don’t want to believe it, nothing I can do about it.
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    I have small hands, too - and not terrific grip/arm strength either. That said, I've often been surprised at how many factors go into how "comfortable" a gun is for me - yes, the width of the grip, but also the recoil, the grippiness/stickiness, and the ergonomics. (For instance, for whatever reason, even a double stack with a curved backstrap fits into my hand sooo much more comfortably, it's amazing). Then you've also got guns like the M&P series (I believe?) that has the modular style grips where you can pop in larger or smaller parts to adjust to hand size. And, of course, you have just slimmer grips you can buy for 1911's for instance. It's pretty dizzying if she's new to this (is she?). My advice is have your wife go to one of the meetings/open shoots of either The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) or Second Amendment Women (SAW). Each organization has more than one chapter in the state - between the 2 they're really all over NJ. She will be able to go there (and pretty sure you can go as a non-member at least the first time) and have an entire row of ports filled with guns that women have chosen for themselves (many of whom also have small hands). She can go to each port - pick the gun up, shoot it, see how it feels, etc. She may even want to hit a couple of different chapter meetings. After that process, she'll probably have tried at least 20+ guns and will likely have developed a shortlist of options. If interested, please PM me and let me know where you live, I'll get back to you with the meetings that would be closest to your household or her workplace. (And BTW, she's always welcome to come to the next TWAW meeting at Tactical Training Center in Flemington, NJ, if that's not too far for her. That's where I go & I would be happy to meet her there and be her shooting buddy for the evening!)
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    What does the package say?
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    Their prices ARE going up...and I am going less and less because of it. Smaller, non-chain resturaunts and diners are a much better value and have become more competitive price-wise. The fast food joints are pricing themselves out of the market.
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    WWF wrestler I think, talyor hamanator
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    Park it in Newark with the keys in it. Report it stolen. Problem solved.
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    Taylor Ham? Never heard of her....
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    My Sig 1911 Tacops is my home defense gun. It's not the prettiest 1911, but I like the no-nonsense look and feel of it. I've put quite a few rounds through it and it has proven to be reliable and accurate. I like the Wilson combat magazine for the quality and the additional rounds. I feel the laser/light can only help in acquiring a target in an emergency situation and, hopefully, getting him to think twice before advancing towards me or my family. You guys have some beautiful 1911s.
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    What fu king grown man goes to work looking like that.
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    The perpetrator was a black, and a democrat, in a gun free zone. He was pissed off about how he was fired from a job in a union shop. This goes deeply against a number of democrat narratives, so their media arm won't be talking about it a lot.

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