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Daily humor thread

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1. When I was born, I was given a choice - a big pecker or a good memory.... but now I’m an old man and 
I don't remember what I chose.
2 Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
3. A wife is a sex object. Every time you ask for sex, she objects.
4. Impotence: nature's way of saying, "No hard feelings..."
5. There are only two four-letter words that are offensive to men - 'don't' and 'stop', unless they are used together.
6. Panties: Not the best thing on earth, but next to the best thing on earth.
7. There are three stages in a man's life: Tri-Weekly, Try Weekly and Try Weakly.
8. Virginity can be cured.
9. Virginity is not dignity, it's lack of opportunity.
10. Having sex is like playing bridge - if you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand.
11. I tried phone sex once, but the holes in the dial were too small.
12. Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy.
13. Question: What's an Australian kiss?
       Answer: The same thing as a French kiss, only down under.
14. Question: Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact?
       Answer: Breasts don't have eyes
15. Despite the old saying, 'Don't take your troubles to bed', many men still sleep with their wives!


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13 minutes ago, 45Doll said:

Someone should tell New Jersey officials that BB guns are not real guns. 

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    • I think the point your critics are tryihg to make is that the morons writing and voting in this crap don't have clue one whether or not bump stocks are effective, don't give a flying flagellation, and refuse to be educated. They have a single agenda: outlaw or cripple any item or feature that has anything at all to do with firearms. While reality dictates that priorities for donating money or time must be set, it is imo also unproductive to try to respond to their idiotic attitude in a nuanced way. YMMV
    • So Corzine and Co. can make more money on the out of state appointments. What a bunch of bullshit.
    • WTF does this word salad actually mean "practices that could pose a threat to the misuse or criminal use of a firearm"? I suspect what this st'unt meant is the opposite of how that phrase actually parses. Maybe "of", or "leading to" was meant, rather than "to"? Shouldn't there be a requirement that Congresscritters be at least minimally literate in the English language?
    • Hi, I would like to sell almost new 300 shot only complete upper, 16" with muzzle brake pinned as per NJ requirements. Includes BCG and charging handle also panels and vertical grip as on photo. In addition I do have 200 rounds of .300 blk ammo in box. $500 cash total for all including ammo, pickup from Somerset, no ship. First will say - I am the one will get it.  Upper made by Air Precission company.    
    • I never wrote what you attributed to me there, it was the previous poster to whom I was commenting. The previous context makes it clear that I was already well aware of the Florida restriction. It can be challenging using quoting correctly on this site; a little more care is in order. Thanks.
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