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Very first AR target grouping

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On 12/21/2017 at 10:01 AM, High Exposure said:

As a guy that regularly shoots in full kit, and has been trained by tier one military guys, I disagree.


I appreciate your experience.  Thing is, as a municipal cop it doesn't necessarily make your opinion the final word. Why do some of your posts come across that way?

Unless you are wearing a baby Bjorn with full infant as part of your kit, the isosceles prone position is very viable in full kit.  Current active duty military do use it and are taught to use that as part of their training.  This is fact.  Additionally, if your "tier one military guys" are telling you otherwise, then I would be leary. 

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Take it as you like. That’s on you.

I have knowledge, experience, and training opportunities concerning the shooting of AR pattern rifles over the last 15 years that doesn’t mirror most folks. That includes regularly shooting in armor and kit and training others to do the same - I teach both techniques.

I was merely stating that believing that a high knee prone position is an outdated technique is shortsighted. The high leg didn’t evolve into flat iso. Flat iso has always existed. Look at pictures as far back as WWI,  (maybe even further but I only did a quick google search) you will see soldiers in a flat iso position. 

I have never once said any way was THE way to do anything - shit, I shoot flat iso when out of kit. I shoot flat iso sometimes in kit. My whole point in my statement regarding high knee was there was more than one way to do something. The situation will dictate. Everyone’s frame of reference is different - many people forget that.

I believe I said everyone’s needs and capabilities are different - I just went back and checked - yup, that is in fact what I said.

That statement stands true. Sometimes flat iso is right, sometimes high knee is called for. As such, a high knee shooting position is still taught for a lot of applications and is most certainly not outdated.

Oh, and I don’t need to be leery of anyone I have trained with - their pedigree is unapproachable.

Looking back over the last few responses, out of the two of us, your statements were more towards the “final word” spectrum of the discussion.

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7 hours ago, Zeke said:

Since you’re big on letter of resume, what’s yours? 

Nah, don’t do that. He wants to throw my info out there - whatevs. I can tell you that I am not a huge fan of it - he could have handled that much differently, but still gotten his intended point across - but it is what it is.

I’ve been here for a while and the people here that know me? Well...  they know me.

He doesn’t have to prove himself and I’m not going to throw his info out there - I don’t think I even know him, but I might.

He can take my posts as he likes, just like everyone else here.

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The problem is that the last person you want to take any firearms advice from is a cop with few exceptions.  high exposure, I believe, is one of those exceptions.  I've not seen a single instance where I'd disagree with view, opinion or assessment on an outright basis.



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