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    Several weeks ago I visited the newly renovated and reopened range at Collier-Mills WMA. Thought I would post my impressions. (I am having problems posting my images. Will do so later once I resolve the issue.) - Overall a substantial improvement over the prior range facility. - The shooting benches in particular are a great improvement over the old shooting benches. The countertop area is quite spacious and accommodates both left and right handed shooters. I found the ergonomics were great when shooting my Ruger Precision Rifle(556/223). The benches/tables are made of smooth concrete. Recommend bringing a towel or moving blanket(Harbor Freight) as the concrete seats can be cold/damp depending on the weather. - One of the eight shooting benches has no seats in order to accommodate handicapped shooters(e.g. wheelchair). - There are two handicap parking spaces directly next to the shooting positions. Other than that, you need park in the same area as before. It is possible to temporarily pull your vehicle down the hill near the benches in order to offload/load your gear. I was very much hoping this would be the case. In the past, I didn't like having to lug all my stuff to/from the car in hot weather. (Am not as young or fit as I once was.) - The line of shooting benches are approx 25 years further back from the berm. So the range is now approx 125 yards rather than the pervious 100 yards. This also means you are 25 yards closer to your vehicle when you go to/from it during the course of your visit. - The roof over the shooting line is large and provides much more protection from the sun and rain than the old concrete bunkers did. - There is a slanted concrete structure in front of the shooting line to stop bullets from going over the top of the berm. I.e. when shooting you do not have line of sight of the top of the berm. - My only criticism, and it struct me as quite odd, is that the shooing line is skewed to the left relative to the berm. If you imagine a straight line from each bench to the berm, only the approx left 3/5's of the berm is being used. I do not believe this is an optical illusion. Another shooter there thought the same. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with NJ Wildlife Management Area ranges; you need a NJ Hunting License or be the guest of someone who has one. For the Collier-Mills WMA in particular, you can shoot rifles (up to and including .30 caliber) and shotguns(slugs or buckshot only). No clay shooting nor handguns are allowed. Refer to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife website for information on the various WMA's and what types of shooting is allowed at each of them.
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    You are limited to 6 in the tube. The one in the chamber doesn't count.
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    Are they going to have the officer that was kia lay in honor in the capitol rotunda for his legit actual sacrifice, or is that only for officers that died not in the line of duty on 1/6? Officer from 1/6 not killed by protestors..... Officer killed on 4/2 killed by an islamic terrorist...we are still calling them terrorists right? Which one deserves to lay in honor in the capitol? I think we all know which.
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    ANNND THAT right there is why it's not all over the place.
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    When other services went to M14s, Navy decided to rebuild the Garand to 7.62X51. Pretty rare with 3 different barrels. Receivers were pulled from rifles that needed rebuild. This is a copy of a listing that just sold. Rare CMP MK2 Mod 0 Springfield Barreled receiver USN Mod 0 1.7M serial with original correct 5-43 SA Barrel with H&R mod markings. Muzzle is slightly over 2+ nice bore and rifling. Comes with original hang tag - I have the cert somewhere if/when I locate it I will provide to buyer. Asking $900 + ship... Payment discreet PP FF, USPS Money Order, Personal Check. Standard forum rules apply - first "I'll take it" gets it... This Springfield Armory M1 Garand rifle was originally made back in 1943. Its barreled receiver was converted to a 7.62mm NATO chambered M1 MK2 MOD 0 between 1962 and 1965. The conversions were done as a Navy contract by Harrington & Richardson Arms. The M1 Garand Mk2 MOD 0 barreled receiver was purchased from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) in 2012.
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    You and I go to much different ranges, me thinks.
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    I already got 4 ARs they get a little boring after a while. Why only drive just one car in life when there is so many different cars to get behind the wheel.
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    If your belief is correct, then the builder would have to buy a factory new stripped receiver and have it classified as "other" at the FFL. Buying a stripped receiver on GB that came off a 500 shotgun that was already sold as a shottie would be a no-go. The point is, there may be loopholes, but they are very narrow. One careless oversight or assumption could get one in deep shit.
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    Bought one from Oakridgefirearms and last time i looked on his site he had one in stock. I love it ! Its my favorite, out of 3 handguns, and 5 rifles. Crisp, zippy, with next to no recoil. I like the feel of the trigger and grips fit nicely in my hand, right out of the box. Sights are bright and make reaquiring target easy. I highly recomend ! Theres some ammo around too, but hopefully will come down in price soon Check with Tom @oakridgefirearms.com
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    They always have liked playing fast and loose - throw a bunch of crap and see what sticks, let the courts figure out if it was constitutional (only 8 years later). Meanwhile the law abiding get screwed for years, and probably forever cause even if the government gets bitchslapped, theres always a slightly different set of bullshit ready to go. And so much of what has screwed everyone in the country was based off NJ's crap at the time. Think of it like a buffet, taking the worst bits of each state. "Oooh, bullet button, I'll have one of those." "10 round magazines, one of those." "Handguns directly to and from range, big helping of that please." "10 day waiting period, gotta have that." "Different laws for different towns, sounds good." "Assault weapons ban and evil features? That sounds amazing!" "Pistol permits, FIDs, and rediculous amounts of extra background checks, I want all you can give me!"
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    Ha... Remember, he who dies with the most toys wins!!! I just turned my Scorpion into a bullpup.. that's the great thing about them, you can customize and modify them so many different ways!
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    Let me start by relating an experience from my US Army Officer Advanced Course which started in August 1988. I was the only Vietnam and combat experienced soldier in the class. No I wasn't a special operator, assassin, sniper, or any of that I was a regular soldier. Nothing against my classmates. They just didn't have a war to get involved in and according to what I know, when they did, they all performed admirably. Military people like order. As a result most of them are conservatives. The 88 election was coming up and there was one guy in the class who was going to vote for Dukakis. Everyone bombarded him and convinced him, by his admission, to vote for Bush. Although misguided we all got him to vote for the best candidate. You don't get someone to come over to your side by calling them stupid. Fast forward to today. I showed a meme to a liberal comparing quotes from Teddy Roosevelt (one of my boyhood heroes), JFK (the last real Democrat), Trump, and Biden. The Biden quote was the one from HIS ONLY press conference he's held, where he says "If you want to get something done..." and ends it with, "like to be able to...uh oh...anyway". They zeroed in on "Trump is far from articulate". I said ignore the Trump quote, how does Biden compare to TR and JFK? The response? Yeah, but neither does Trump. I discussed this with my niece who is working on her masters in psychology. Much more professional opinion than mine in this field (Yeah, she voted Trump in 2016 and 2020). She said this is all a sign of Obessive Compulsive Disorder. No matter what the question they turn it against Trump. I have to agree. There are millions of people in this country suffering from OCD in this country. For those who say Trump didn't meet their expectations, you are totally ignorant of American politics. It's not about who gives you everything. It's about who gives you most of what you want. Also any POTUS will really show you how they feel in their 2nd term. They don't have to worry about reelection.
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    I reload for the first two reasons. It saves me a ton of money, and the ammo is tailored to be more accurate in my guns than anything I can buy. So I'd have to reload even if it cost more, but fortunately, it instead saves me a ton of money (and doesn't take much time, since it is mostly pistol ammo an a pretty fast progressive press). One nice side benefit is that it saves a lot of space. You can fit the components needed to load 2000 9 mm rounds (pound of powder, 2000 bullets and primers, and a few hundred cases you'll load repeatedly) in two shoe boxes.
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    Sell it! Even if you have to take a loss. Reloading is a part-time job. There are people who love it, and appreciate the benefits. But it doesn't get you ammo in bad times, because you still need to be able to find the components, which become scarce when ammo is scarce. Larry Potterfield lists five reasons for reloading: save money, improve accuracy, they don't make it anymore, the satisfaction of doing it yourself, and one more that I don't recall. Eventually this shortage will die down, and when it does, I would recommend buying ammo whenever you see it at reasonable prices. It lasts virtually forever, so just buy it and store it. Over the last few years, I found myself buying whenever I saw a good deal, thinking that perhaps I was needlessly accumulating too much. Turns out, there's no such thing as too much. No one has enough ammo to last forever, but it's nice to have enough to last a long while.
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    So my $0.02 I don't know what you spent, but jacketed frangible rounds are a niche item and are likely pricey during normal times. When things calm down, I doubt you would be able to unload them without taking a nice loss. Right now your ability to move them is better, but projectiles are the one thing not in super short supply. Right now I can't get what I WANT, but I can get something that'll work. Which is basically the same thing you are offering. I can go and order 62gr bullets for $121 per k right now and the only wait is for it to actually be packed and shipped. Their inventory says they have over 1.1 million in stock, and they have had them up for a week plus. To turn it into loaded ammo, right now you would need a press (scarce), .223 dies (super scarce), various reloading tools and accessories (mostly available), small rifle primers (ultra scarce), .223 brass (limited, but available at a premium), brass prep equipment (because the brass you can find is likely not even cleaned, much less sized, trimmed, swaged, etc.), powder (limited, but if you aren't picky just requires some stalking to pick up), etc. During normal times, getting set up to reload rifle is minimally a $300-400 proposition. figure right now that is probably doubled. So you will be having to play the track it down game or pay scalper prices for each one of those, or you can just do that with a case of ammo and probably be in about the same place but have a few hundred more rounds. Right now, even with a lot of luck and patience, I couldn't reload 9mm for less than about $0.40 per round. Possibly not even that "cheap" because that was my best pricing a week ago. .223 is likely around $0.45-55 per round. IF you can get all the parts. Right now for that price I can get brass and bullets right now, and would have to stalk 8lbers opf powder. More realistically you will find powder in 1lb increments limited to two with full hazmat charge. which would put you at the higher end of that price range if not over. If you want usable ammo ASAP, you should just keep a look out for ammo and be prepared to pay $1 a round or more.
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    Did you save any of your spent brass? It's never too late to get into reloading! Start out with a single stage press setup at first. Components are a bit hard to find. Primers are the hardest to find at a semi-reasonable price. Powder, a bit easier to get but I would highly recommend getting into reloading! It will pay for itself much quicker than you think!
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    George W. Bush was/is a progressive globalist that ran under the Republican ticket. My opinion, but certainly not only my opinion.
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    Well I have news for those comfy assholes, their lifestyle is gonna change drastically if this prick and his hoe get their way. They'll wake up one morning and say to themselves "How did this happen?"
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    No We have a different system, but it would require men to put on their "Big Boy" pants to implement.

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