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    Where in NJ are you? I work sales at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor (Tuckerton). As of Sunday, we had 2 Mini-14s on the shelf, as well as some NJ legal AR rifles. $700 gets you into a S&W M&P-15. We had a few of those left Sunday night. We also had some Ruger PC Carbines available. Pm me and I can provide an inventory update tomorrow around 7pm if you want.
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    It's democratic socialism. Everyone is equal. Equally miserable. Except the ruling class who laughs at their supporters.
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    It says restricted. It does not say closed. I'm going to take a trip to Clinton WMA and see what's going on on the ground.
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    You'd better be. That's a helluva deal you're getting!
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    I am currently in the process of changing the address on my FID after a recent move across town, so I am eventually going to need to wander over to DMV to change my driver's license. Fortunately, I'm well stocked on guns and ammo, so no need to use them to make a purchase anytime soon.
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    My DL is up in august. So fucked up. I get handicap tag. From 3 back surgeries, 2 MIs, no kidneys left, And I have to go to jerk off motor vehicle every 3 years for new handicap tag. Wife does not want plates because if she drives the car! So I am 6'2 290 and have to hobble into jerkoff MVC for DL. and for HC tags! Oh forgot Pulmonary embalism , so the mask is a real issue!!! VOTE RED COME NOVEMBER!! VOTE OFTEN Only saving grace is every time he fucks up, which is often, he looses votes!! I don't post for sympathy or tears! I could give 2 shits! Just pisses me off what this jerkoff is doing! Do you want me to say how I really feel?????????????????? Oh, I forgot the pacemaker! LOL.
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    I've already had one idiot say something to me in Home Depot back in May. My Mom had two guys point out she wasn't walking the right direction in Shop-Rite. These people are out there and are frankly more dangerous than Murphy.
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    Negotiated with the unions. None of the closed areas are staffed so there is no reason to close them at all. This is meant to cause pain to all of us so we'll resist the furloughs.
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    I went to court to fight a ticket for window tint, just because it was silly and the fine was $58 or something. Half the people in the courtroom were central americans who didn't even speak english. They got cited for minor things like speeding and whatnot, but I was wondering how they got licensed in the first place. Many of them were drivers for the local taxi companies, based on the lawyer interpreting what the judge said. Dont get me wrong, they work hard and don't make any trouble, but if I have to jump through hoops for documentation, I also wonder how they get around it. Oh, and the judge tossed my ticket in the trash saying it was absurd. lol.
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    I wouldn’t put Murphy in charge of a birthday party! Let alone a state!
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    Absolutely correct , If you listen to what the ass hole governor is saying he is about to impose all new restrictions everywhere. All nj's should bend over and get ready he is about to institute round 2 of shut downs and delay openings. and to this date nobody followed through with with any lawsuits from any businesses to force him to show his science as why this continues. he knows he's not up for re-election till next year so he doesn't give a rats ass about anyone's business. The WMA's were recently shut down because they involve guns and shooting thats the bottom line.
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    Huh. Thats new, never saw it before. thx! I stand corrected.
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    I have a bunch of bikes you can use. The kids ignored them as they got cars. So they sit in the garage. Most are adult sized. Also, there is a shop in Hightstown that has plenty of new ones, from what I can tell driving by the front window.
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    This is ridiculous. "Due to furlough" - well, these places barely ever have staff onsite.
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    The logic of this State is mind-numbing at times. ".30 caliber only?" So I can't shoot a dinky 9mm rifle or a .32 Win. Spcl. because they exceed ".30 caliber" but a .30-378 Weatherby or a wildcat like the .300 Raptor are okay since both are .30 caliber?
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    That's not good. I think even pictures of AR pistols are illegal in NJ... Well, not exactly, but there are very few AR pistols that come in under the allowable weight limit NJ imposed, and there are a couple of other gotchas. You'll hear more when you post the pic and name a make/model.
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    A new nickel weighs 5.00 grams. A penny (post 1982 production, when they became mostly zinc) weighs 2.50 grams. Google will do the unit conversions for you, but those work out to about 77 grains and 38.5 grains, respectively, and are a pretty good sanity check for accuracy on that range of the balance. Those aren't real test weights, by any means, but if you use clean coins that aren't too worn, you won't be far off. And the price is right.
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    LOL Fights at Newark and Trentoon. Calm but pissed off people at the others. I'm puzzled.
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    He seems like a very nice person. I'm sure you will be happy together.
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    for home defense rifle, i don't think you can do much better than an ar platform rifle. me personally, i've got a mossie 12 gauge and a sig 227. my house is very small. an ar while doable, isn't the best in the quarters of my house. the mossie is as short as legally allowed. take into account what's easy to maneuver around your house. your neighbors, etc. and whatever you decide......get trainingf.
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    I really like my 7600, definitely something different than a typical bolt gun in the woods. Here is mine on my first trip in the woods, 2019 rifle season in Vermont. Didn't get a deer but it was still fun regardless.
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    I have a 760 bdl deluxe in .30-06 and a Remington Model 6 in .270 and they are the most accurate hunting rifles I own.
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    Except her life. Accidents happen.
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    It’s not just bikes...or Ammo. it’s everything. Trying looking for furniture for a home office. I’ve had 4 orders for desks either cancelled or pushed out until October. It’s doesn’t matter which stores, raymore, Walmart, Ashley’s, Wayfair, overstock, bobs...no writing style desk unless their fugly or 1k. Crazy Times.

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