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david8613's Feedback

  1. DenT left Positive feedback   

    Quick / Painless transaction with great communication. A Pleasure to work with.

    david8613 was The Seller

  2. NEHackettstown left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction, very trustworthy.

    david8613 was Trading

  3. DL75 left Positive feedback   

    Great person to deal with!! Thank you!!

    david8613 was Trading

  4. falcone left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Easy transaction. Nice to deal with

    david8613 was The Seller

  5. Boogerchaser left Positive feedback   

    Great deals, excellent to deal with! Thanks for an easy transaction.

    david8613 was The Seller

  6. SheriffOfc1727 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice, professional, and punctual guy. Pleasure to do business with.

    david8613 was Trading

  7. bignic83 left Positive feedback   

    Good Guy. True to his word. Would purchase again.

    david8613 was The Seller

  8. kesslyk left Positive feedback   

    Excellent seller as always, great guy glad to do business with you again. Thanks

    david8613 was The Seller

  9. medic2264 left Positive feedback   

    Great to work with.

    david8613 was The Seller

  10. cold shot left Positive feedback   

    Great guy and great transaction, nice to meet you !

    david8613 was Trading

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