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    Really capt14k? That's what you chose to do with your Saturday night, research mud to sling at a guy who's trying to help all of us? Maybe the case is legit, maybe it isn't, but I do know that SAPPA is trying to help the NJ RKBA cause. If you're not going to support them, at least leave them alone.
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    Never too early to worry about da beer brah!
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    I'm not worried about Irma for another week. Doesn't mean I may have or may not have purchased $100 of emergency food and going to go get a few cases of water tomorrow. Along with some extra cases of beer before next weekend
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    I can tell you what's all but certain. I sent my builder in Florida a check last week to draw the plans for my house. I hope to break ground by December. I'm 53 and I don't have another 50 years left to wait for NJ to get sensible. I'm born and raised here and have seen more and more of my rights get taken away. Its time for me to put a plan into action I know that will work. I'll still have to keep my house here for a few more years but I'm on my way.
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    The 76 station down the street is $2.68 cash/$2.73 credit.
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    Primary Arms has them on sale right now for $129 for the pair, just ordered some.
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    Almost $700 regular pro with mount on sale at DSG for $465 Get an IO cover from Tangodown and you're set. Or, I know a guy with an almost brand new Aimpoint PRO for sale for $350...
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    ^^^And before anyone asks, if ya sell Gramp's old gun(s) w/o serial numbers, on the C.O.E. or P2P in the box where you normally would write the number you merely put the word "NONE"
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    I have read good things bout this genset i have a honda, only 3000. Runs everything I need in the house( ng dryer, water, stove, furnace) except air conditioning. But, it runs the camper ac fine. @Krdshrk did you make accommodations to your new homes electric to run a genset?
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    I am mostly ready for whatever comes our way. Have been so since after Hurricane Sandy. Generators tested monthly, minimum of 10 gals gas on hand, emergency food(Wise), first aid supplies, flashlights, and two sets of batteries for every flashlight, smoke detector, and co detector in the house, and so on.... If it becomes a threat, I just need to get more gas, food, water, etc. Btw, for those of you with garages that are part of your house, it is advisable to have a means to reinforce your garage door. A breach of your door due to high winds may pose a serious risk to the integrity of your house structure. I originally learned of this from a goverment website. At the time of Hurricane Irene I purchased two 8' lengths of angled aluminum which I bolted vertically to the inside of the door. Made it much more solid. Important to bear in mind that if you do this, the garage will no longer be an emergency exit.
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    Nick, this Harbor Freight generator is highly rated by Consumer Reports. Get a battery and wheel kit and it will be more portable and have electric start. Right now it's on sale for $529 with the coupon. That's about as low as it goes for this one. If anyone needs the coupon, PM me with your email address and I will send it to you. Predator Generator
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    Also some old guns don't have serial, my .22short derringer doesn't.
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    I received a Boyds stock on an M1 from the CMP years ago. I hate that stock. It was stained with a walnut stain and had no finish on top. The wood grain was raised from the stain. The worst part is the stock was birch with a shitty walnut stain job, not what I wanted. I sanded the stain off and used raw linseed oil. I ended up buying a surplus walnut stock set.
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    Definitely watching it - Looking out for good deals on a Generator right now actually.
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    Agreed. Even if bought in NJ, some pellet guns do not have a serial number. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    I really really doubt youll see the holes. With my leuopold 45 power spotting scope sometimes 308's can be hard to see.
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    Tanners in pa has a used one. Almost new looking. 875$ i think. Was just checking it out yesterday.
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    Are you talking about the beer, or the food and water that'll last 20-25 years...either argument you're making is irrelevant considering it'll all get used before it goes bad. Especially the beer. Also, the food you have to order and get delivered so I couldn't wait. The water I'd like to buy cheap, the beer I'm just scared to run out of
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    Thanks! I wanted to go this year, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out - this is a great alternative to Lead East, which has become a shit show in the last few years.
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    It's 20-25 year shelf life...and water is water, it'll get used eventually. I don't have any on hand and I should...doesn't mean Irma is shit. Also, I just want to make sure if the local beer store closes down for a few days that I have beer. SHEESH! Who the hell wants to run out of beer!
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    Congratulations on getting this far! I would really, really, like to see your case get heard. You are bringing an important issue to the courts, and even if your case is not heard, they will pick up on the issues, and find a case that give us our rights back.
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    No other State in the country has the political control over its courts like NJ does. CA and NY are close, but have nowhere near the level of corruption that NJ has. I have been watching this for 23yrs, and I have yet to see a NJ court rule in favor of NJ gun owners, or have I seen any gun legislation repealed in NJ. Some people try to argue that Christie loosened gun regulations in NJ, but all he did was dress some windows for the national stage. It's a effing joke, period. But, I do hope you are right, and I am wrong.
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    Grew up on a wholesale nursery. Now is a great time to do it. Keep them watered until the temp's drop and make sure they get some water over the winter. Normal rain and snow will probably be enough, but if we have a dry few weeks or a warm few days, make sure they get watered. They'll make good progress establishing roots before winter and have a head start come spring.
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    I've never had an optic die on me. But all my rifles have a back up sighting system of some kind - either vis-laser or irons. Most have BUIS - Troy and couple with the GGG MAD for the "social" guns and MBUS for training and Comp guns. Just because a failure hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't, and Murphy is a straight up motherfucker. If you are worried about the weight (3.2oz for a set of Troys) go to the gym. Waste of railspace? WTF are you putting on your gun that the 2 rear slots and 3 front slots of Pic are wasted with BUIS? If you think they will interfere with your primary optics, choose a different style of BUIS. For some of us the rifles we use are life saving equipment. I regularly use my rifle at work looking for bad guys - so there is a datapoint for you regarding people on this forum doing work with their guns. Just because you don't need it doesn't mean it's good advice for everyone- For example: I use my BUIS to verify my zero hasn't changed in my rifle everyday before work. I flip up the BUIS and cowitness my dot to my irons. Gives me an instant go/no-go on my rifle and confidence to carry the gun on the street. Banging around in safe it in a rack or cased in the trunk of a squad car can mess with things. Can't do that without BUIS. For me, 2=1, 1=0 I like Proctor. He knows his shit and seems like a hell of an instructor and a really cool down to earth guy. He is also a huge proponent of ultra-light gear. I personally don't agree with his stance on this for what I do. So you read his article. Good. Have you taken one of his classes? You have some knowledge - but knowledge isn't wisdom. I have hundreds of hours as both a student and an instructor that lets me work the kinks out of my gear and TTPs. That is how knowledge becomes wisdom. What actual training have you done, under the watchful eye of a legit instructor, that has shown you that what you think works, actually works - and works better than other options?
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    Comes down to what the manufacture calls it. If they market it as a compensator or muzzle brake and no where mention flash suppression it's fine.
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    On April 24th, all parts of my FID applications was submitted to my PD ( Aberdeen), and my references sent their letters back to Aberdeen with no problems. I received a call on May 2nd saying that I needed to sign a release so that my employer can release my info, still unsure why. After I signed the release, I was told by the receptionist that I 'should' be receiving my initial FID and 2 p2p`s withon a two week period. Today marks the start of the fourth week of me signing the release form. I don`t plan on taking any action today, but would it be a good idea to call tomorrow? I know this state doesn`t like to give out FID`s in a timely fashion but, it does bother me.
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    I think Magpul intentionally targeted the Troy sights at that price point. I haven't played with them yet though based on the pictures, they look to occupy a smaller footprint than the Troy sights. That being said, the Troy sights are bombproof and typically the first sights I recommend when someone is looking for folding BUIS on a duty or defensive rifle.

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