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    NRA membership is pretty affordable, fyi. Doesn't add much to the cost of things - and it funds programs that brings other noobs like yourself into the shooting sports. Worth considering. Hopefully you have enough independence of thought to realize that the tales of the "evil NRA with blood on their hands" are beyond ridiculous. A nice outdoor range is what you need now - not only to steadily improve, but I think simply for a fuller enjoyment of the sport. Shooting outside is soooo much more pleasant - not to mention less damaging to the ears, the lungs, etc.
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    Teller drill. Attacker can cover 21 feet before you can draw and fire. I always keep sketchy people 21 feet away. Except for Zeke and Ray Ray
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    You need to decide what you want to do with this rifle. You're probably best off getting a 5.56 AR and following @Bully''s advice.
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    Grab an AR. You can swap uppers all day. One of the most "customizable" firearms out there. .223/5.56 is available all day on the cheap. You won't (most likely) be shooting one hole groups but you will learn to shoot. Run the rifle ragged and buy other uppers as you want to or see fit. Also, upgrading the trigger and various small parts on your lower can be fun and you will learn what truly makes a difference in your chosen shooting "game". Good luck.
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    Cover your bases first. You need a .22 long rifle, a 12ga shotgun, a 5.56/.223 rifle and a 9mm handgun. You can go with bigger calibers, the issue is you need to be proficient in the aforementioned firearms. To be proficient you need to shoot a lot. To shoot a lot, it needs to be cheap. .458 Socom is not cheap, even if you reload which is a whole different discussion. Once you do some shooting, like after your first 10,000 rounds, you'll discover what you like to shoot and you can blossom out from there. Also, heavy recoil firearms are interesting and can be fun to blow up watermelons, but you tend to limit how many rounds you shoot and you don't improve as a shooter. Keep it simple. Get in the game. For casual shooting anything will do. You probably won't do enough shooting, at least right away to worry about things like how well the bolt is staked or other specifics. Not saying you don't build towards it, but find a cheap AR and go shoot. You'll learn how to clean it and what you want in a better rifle.
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    White people not seeing racism? Ha, make it black people not seeing racism and then we're getting somewhere
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    I enjoyed the movie. That said, of COURSE Sandra Bullock winds up in an interracial relationship. In TV/Movies these day EVERY couple is either two gay guys or two gay girls and if it's not the prior, it's interracial. If the relationship is involves a white male, he will be gay or with a black women. It's pretty annoying. I could give a shit what people do but there are people who date within their own race on occasion and are hetero. I know, it's a shocking statement.
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    You can do just about anything with those 4 guns.
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    Bumping for updates. Been shooting a lot at Range 129, trying different things to see what's most comfortable shooting prone, what's most stable, breathing. Been shooting Wolf Gold 55gr and today finally cracked open a box of American Eagle 62gr boat-tail. With my hand under the butt of my rifle, I kept pushing the butt up and left when I shot. Range officer showed me another position where I have my off-hand on top of the butt. Just kind of keeping it in place, not putting downward force on it. I like this new ammo and I like this technique. 4 shot groupings. The middle target is 0.70" at 100 yards. Not including the flyer on the bottom left, the group of three is 0.68". Bottom right target was quick firing. I finally got a sub-MOA grouping at 100 yards!
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    @CageFighter will be here soon to talk about the goodness that is the SCAR. When it comes to rifles I think there is "cool" and there is "practical." Really can't go wrong with a basic AR-15 to start with. You can get a decent AR for around $450 brand new right now. Here is a Ruger AR15 for $549 (although it will need to be NJ compliant) Also browse our WTS forums. If you want to spend a bit more for a NJ ready gun... @myhatinthering is selling his Colt. If you want to go the AK route... @CageFighter has his... Do keep in mind, AK prices for quality guns have shot up quite a bit with the ban on imports. The US made AKs are quite frankly not that good. Once you get a basic gun... you can expand out based on what your desires lead you to... be it more AKs, ARs, or what type of shooting you will do.... 3 gun, long range, etc. Would suggest sticking to a basic popular caliber... 223/5.56 or 7.62x39 as it is plentiful and cheap. You can go specialty such as 300 Blackout, 224 Valk,, 6.5, 6.8, etc... but it will prevent you from shooting as much unless you have deep pockets and quite frankly... unless you are shooting suppressed (300 blackout) or long distance (500+ yards) (224, 6.5, 6.8) are largely unnecessary and won't be appreciated. In the long term, you are going to spend FAR more money on ammo than your guns. I would also look into a 22lr gun, such as a Ruger 10/22, M&P 15-22 or even a Marlin Model 60. Ruger 10/22 - classical gun, plenty of aftermarket for anything you want. M&P 15-22 - "AR-15" in a 22lr. Cheap to train with and just as fun if you are shooting rimfire matches with it. Marlin Model 60 - tube fed 22. The only good news that came out of Murphy is that now these are exempt from mag limits and you can have 15+ rounds. Really fun guns.
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    Believe me, I am in the same boat as you... and I let the Glock marketing manager know that every year when I see him at Shot. Even still, I own 2 glocks, a Gen 3 and Gen 4 22. Now that I am in "America" also looking at add 19/19x/43/43x/48 or something of that extent. Beyond that, they proudly support the shooting sports, USPSA, GSSF, IDPA and take care of LEO and loyal customers. From the pistol side, you have to give them credit that almost no matter what model of Glocks you pick up, it is the same shooting experience, they point the same, shoot the same, etc. From the training perspective very much to like... (despite the mush of a trigger stock.) You can't say the same thing for other manufacturers as you have to really relearn every new trigger and gun they produce... very little to no commonality as a "platform." People want to buy what the "operators" use... In the case of the 19x... I like the color and when I shot it at Shot Show.... WOW... did it ever point and transition well. Compact slide on a full sized frame is just a joy to shoot. Am not surprised at all.
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    Bold new graphics and jetting changes. Lmao oh and clickers are changed a smidge
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    You have to admire Glock's marketing team. Add some front serrations, change a color, add an X to the random numbers they already have and viola you have a new gun. It's genius.
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    OMG... I think I found a new line for my signature!
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    Goood, gooooood, let the NRA flow through you. Seriously dude, just frigging join. You won't wake up a Nazi skinhead, I promise.
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    I kinda had that attitude at first. "Oh, I don't plan on getting many." I've heard quite a few people new to guns say it. Now if I had my way, I'd have: M&P 15-22 S&W P22 Ruger American Ranch 5.56 Desert Eagle .50 Some AR in 5.56 An AK in 7.62 A 9mm handgun A .45 handgun 3 down...
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    Tube fed guns can typically run 22lr, 22 short, etc. so depending on which.... it ca mean 15 or 18. If you like those stocks, check out Boyd's Stocks. They have similar stocks for most guns out there.
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    sorry guys, yeah like i said im new to guns and am still doing my research, im not a troll, i dont think it would be very fun to troll on a gun forum like this anyway. i asked if a scar would be a good starting rifle because ive heard nothing but good things about them and the scar 20s looks neat and id ideally want to buy one rifle and it be top of the line since i really only want a single rifle, maybe a shotgun and pistol as well and that applies to them aswell. as for what i said about 458 socom, i know that was a far out there question, but i seen a rifle from cmmg called the anvil and ho boy was that thing kick ass. but im going to go with what most of you said and go with a standard ar15 to get familiar with shooting. im not into building one myself and would prefer to buy new from a reputable website. anything you guys would recommend? id prefer if it had some type of rails to put a scope and grip and all that tactical jazz. thank you all btw, you guys were more helpful than i expected.
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    That's what I was thinking too, unless Max charges him too much for the edit.
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    awesome, congrats on the progress. Now go shoot outdoors.
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    Good god, I both love - and pity - that woman. Btw, did she follow that up with: "so.... now that you know, change the title on the thread, dumbass"...?
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    I’d say AR and 10/22 and Glock, and probably a regular pump shotgun. in whatever order. Also don’t forget a gun safe!
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    And we are? Could of fooled me.
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    Also just to add. Video games are a huge driver of gun sales... along with movies. Keep in mind the video game generation is now maturing into gun owners... My "wants" Colt Anaconda - Resident Evil video games. Desert Eagle - Matrix HK P7M13 - Die Hard AUG - Die Hard MP5 - Die Hard Colt Python - For many... Walking Dead The SCAR is a pricey gun and well known. I think it was also on the cover of the first or one of the first Recoil Magazines.... that sells LOTS of guns.
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    This is a troll right? 458 Socom for first rifle and new to firearms and first post? Smells like a troll.
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    If it's a Samsung GS5 the battery is literally $10 shipped. I agree with Sniper. Just replace the battery. Then you can wait and make a decision about upgrading later. https://www.ebay.com/p/Samsung-Original-Galaxy-S5-Battery-and-Charger-Kits-non-retail-batt/2158726482?iid=232727009966&chn=ps
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    Thinking about it more... in Socialist NJ... I really think tube fed Marlin Model 60's are extremely attractive right now. It is the only "high capacity" rifle you can legally own. To add to it... especially used, they are dirt cheap and can be had for around $100 and I see them for less at PA gun auctions. You can also dress them up really nicely and to reload them, buy one of these for under $20.... https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/spee-d-loader-22lr-caliber-rimfire-tube-magazine-rifle-ammunition-loader?a=285127 What can it look like? Marlin Model 60 Boyds Stock Bushnell Rimfire 3-9 scope
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    Although it is true, many people with a firearm have been killed by knife wielding offenders.
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    Don't knock it till ya try it.
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    I never buy the first model year of autos, I prefer to let others do the "beta testing". The bugs in new cars can be frustrating. My wife has gotten the latest and greatest of phones in the past, and I have listened to the complaints made regarding it. Of course, IT folks and millennials don't seem to have much trouble working out the kinks, and I don't know what bracket you consider yourself in. Me? I'm NOT the best example for new electronics like this,,,,,,,,I still use a flip phone. It's so old it has a dial. Can you hear me now?
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    Cory, You are getting good info from all the above, I just want to rePEAT what a couple mentioned, with a little emphasis. .22 lr, like the Ruger 10/22 above is probably among the best places to put your early firearm money. A decent one will last a long time, and a good one will last almost forever, letting you, and others in the family, learn the simple basics and safety with a minimum investment and lots of ammunition to practice with. And as said before, plenty of ways to dress them up to match your preferences. Good examples of used .22s do pop up in lots of places, and they hold decent value. You don't HAVE to buy new, but they are reasonable enough that you don't have to feel guilty if you do. Warning, you might find this stuff to be too much fun. Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the world of good clean fun and safe living. (mostly )
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    OH, don't get me wrong - I'd rather have a 1911 (and I have several) over a glock any day. Just saying some Glocks can be made to L@@K better than stockers........ As can 1911's.....
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    How do you insure the gun NEVER gets shot? You do this. Unfortunately I cannot get myself to admit that a glock is a collectible. I see your Glock and raise you a 1911...
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    Some 43's are better looking than others...........
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    TV shows are bad enough but tv commercials are far worse. Its out of control. Department stores, cell phones, pizza, medications, insurance, etc. They pile it on thicker every day.
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    Now I am going to go throw up a little and beg for forgiveness of my 1911s.
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    I hear you, I'll leave it alone but I have to say, color me impressed with it. For being this old and surplus, it's in really good condition and the fit and apparent function is stellar. It's smoother than my new sig
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    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my CZs and even though I do not own a P01 I know they are good. From the self defense/CCW perspective my two knocks on it would be (vs say a Glock 19) is the weight... it is 28.1 oz vs 21 oz and the fact that the slide, like other CZ 75 slides, is thin and makes it much tougher to manipulate with one hand (if need be). Basically an extra half a pound to lug around.
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    That particular G21 model is known to have mag release issues. Glock has a "silent like" recall on them. Glock will replace that frame for free if you call them. I had one and the mag release fell apart. Frame was replaced by Glock. There is probably nothing wrong with that magazine. Edit: Now I remember what would happen with this model. If I had a fully loaded mag inserted and then released the mag while it was still loaded it would cause the mag release to get hung up/stuck. If your mag release is stuck to one side, then yeah, the magazine won't lock in.
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    Wait a second, is this the ambi mag release G21 with the 1913 rail on it?
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    I will, right now my bench is in the middle of a 604 build...:)
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    Hold on empty. You’re thinking something else. Did the firearm function properly with old mags @jokerman which side is mag release on?
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