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    Grab an AR. You can swap uppers all day. One of the most "customizable" firearms out there. .223/5.56 is available all day on the cheap. You won't (most likely) be shooting one hole groups but you will learn to shoot. Run the rifle ragged and buy other uppers as you want to or see fit. Also, upgrading the trigger and various small parts on your lower can be fun and you will learn what truly makes a difference in your chosen shooting "game". Good luck.
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    Cover your bases first. You need a .22 long rifle, a 12ga shotgun, a 5.56/.223 rifle and a 9mm handgun. You can go with bigger calibers, the issue is you need to be proficient in the aforementioned firearms. To be proficient you need to shoot a lot. To shoot a lot, it needs to be cheap. .458 Socom is not cheap, even if you reload which is a whole different discussion. Once you do some shooting, like after your first 10,000 rounds, you'll discover what you like to shoot and you can blossom out from there. Also, heavy recoil firearms are interesting and can be fun to blow up watermelons, but you tend to limit how many rounds you shoot and you don't improve as a shooter. Keep it simple. Get in the game. For casual shooting anything will do. You probably won't do enough shooting, at least right away to worry about things like how well the bolt is staked or other specifics. Not saying you don't build towards it, but find a cheap AR and go shoot. You'll learn how to clean it and what you want in a better rifle.
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    White people not seeing racism? Ha, make it black people not seeing racism and then we're getting somewhere
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    I enjoyed the movie. That said, of COURSE Sandra Bullock winds up in an interracial relationship. In TV/Movies these day EVERY couple is either two gay guys or two gay girls and if it's not the prior, it's interracial. If the relationship is involves a white male, he will be gay or with a black women. It's pretty annoying. I could give a shit what people do but there are people who date within their own race on occasion and are hetero. I know, it's a shocking statement.
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    Believe me, I am in the same boat as you... and I let the Glock marketing manager know that every year when I see him at Shot. Even still, I own 2 glocks, a Gen 3 and Gen 4 22. Now that I am in "America" also looking at add 19/19x/43/43x/48 or something of that extent. Beyond that, they proudly support the shooting sports, USPSA, GSSF, IDPA and take care of LEO and loyal customers. From the pistol side, you have to give them credit that almost no matter what model of Glocks you pick up, it is the same shooting experience, they point the same, shoot the same, etc. From the training perspective very much to like... (despite the mush of a trigger stock.) You can't say the same thing for other manufacturers as you have to really relearn every new trigger and gun they produce... very little to no commonality as a "platform." People want to buy what the "operators" use... In the case of the 19x... I like the color and when I shot it at Shot Show.... WOW... did it ever point and transition well. Compact slide on a full sized frame is just a joy to shoot. Am not surprised at all.
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    Bold new graphics and jetting changes. Lmao oh and clickers are changed a smidge
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    You have to admire Glock's marketing team. Add some front serrations, change a color, add an X to the random numbers they already have and viola you have a new gun. It's genius.
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    I hear you, I'll leave it alone but I have to say, color me impressed with it. For being this old and surplus, it's in really good condition and the fit and apparent function is stellar. It's smoother than my new sig
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    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my CZs and even though I do not own a P01 I know they are good. From the self defense/CCW perspective my two knocks on it would be (vs say a Glock 19) is the weight... it is 28.1 oz vs 21 oz and the fact that the slide, like other CZ 75 slides, is thin and makes it much tougher to manipulate with one hand (if need be). Basically an extra half a pound to lug around.
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    That particular G21 model is known to have mag release issues. Glock has a "silent like" recall on them. Glock will replace that frame for free if you call them. I had one and the mag release fell apart. Frame was replaced by Glock. There is probably nothing wrong with that magazine. Edit: Now I remember what would happen with this model. If I had a fully loaded mag inserted and then released the mag while it was still loaded it would cause the mag release to get hung up/stuck. If your mag release is stuck to one side, then yeah, the magazine won't lock in.
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    Wait a second, is this the ambi mag release G21 with the 1913 rail on it?
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    I will, right now my bench is in the middle of a 604 build...:)
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    Hold on empty. You’re thinking something else. Did the firearm function properly with old mags @jokerman which side is mag release on?
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    Yes... with mag releases on the same side, Gen 3 and 4 mags on my Glock 22s are interchangeable.
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    Great. Congrats & best of luck. I hope that's true. Happy New Year
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    Heh? Take gun without mag, lock slide back. Put mag in the gun. Does it seat? If yes, you know issue with the mag lips, etc. If not, then something with the mag itself such as the mag release cutouts. Fairly positives... let me go check...
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    You should not be frigging pounding anything during a lower assembly. I'm busy making Lasagna for 40 people...... someone else will come along and help. I only have time for quick snarky remarks in between
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    I recently had a discussion with a certain forum member here who clearly showed his stupidity. We were discussing magazine releases on handguns. I stated that the paddle release was superior to push button. There are a few reasons. They are: 1. Ambidextrous in use 2. Less of a chance of the magazine being accidentally pressed and falling out 3. The firearm is slimmer 4. It is more positive in feel and function Discuss
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    I believe paddle releases are just a better design and option, but the masses have been brainwashed into using an older method of releasing a magazine. Hell, there are still coppers all over the flat earth still operating with heal releases.


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