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    I've been carrying for almost 50 years. I don't understand the fascination with open carry. You want to show people you have a gun? Why? When I moved to AZ in 1978 they had no carry permits. Only LEOS could carry concealed. Anyone could open carry. You really didn't see that much although almost everyone had a gun in their car. The only situation I'd open carry is if that was the only option available.
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    My recommendation is - don't. Open carrying in public requires a lot of attentiveness - You need a good retention holster lest a criminal or mentally deficient individual decides to just grab it and gun you down. I'm trying to locate a video I saw of an off duty cop who got their gun taken and was shot and killed by it. This happened in Brazil or another Central or South American country. Off duty cop is open carrying and some cold blooded perp reaches in, grabs his gun, and kills him with it. You'll need a good level 2 or even level 3 retention type holster. Being distracted for a split second could become a huge problem. We just got Carry - all it takes is one bad incident to ruin it for the rest of us - don't be that incident.
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    I don’t plan on doing open carry. Too many Karens and cops who think I shouldn’t own a gun.
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    I don't intend to open carry in NJ, but I have no problem with anyone who does. I'm really amazed at the some posters here who apparently don't really give a rat's ass about the Second Amendment, or the rights of others, have no problem with dissing the beliefs of other people when those beliefs don't exactly match theirs, and would discourage others from exercising their own Constitutional 2A right, just because there is a remote possiblity that the chosen form of that exercise could somehow reflect negatively on them. I wonder how many of those posters would be in favor of extending that logic to freedom of speech and assembly? On the other hand, maybe I really don't want to know the answer to that.
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    The whole point of concealed carry is to keep criminals guessing and avoid attention from everyone else. Open carry for the hell of it just gives more reason to ostracize gun owners.
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    Handed all my stuff in yesterday. Did my qual at ttc yesterday. Btw. Mr stu is doing quals at phillipsburg range. [email protected] Weekdays only now. When i qualified yesterday. There are folks that should not be handling a firearm. Never the less carrying one. He was next to me. Dq’d. Just an fyi folks. Get some professional training if you’re not totally comfortable with accuracy and safety of said item.
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    But here is the deal. You know it, I know it, and grandma knows it, that NJ will not slow their anti-2A stance based on open carry or conceal carry. You also know that, just like they removed the "carry" verbiage from FPID they will sneak in "ccw" word onto the Carry paper as well (without actual law to back it up). Regular Joes and more importantly COPS need to know its (the law) just CARRY and NOT concealed carry and that fact need to be reinforced from time to time or it goes the way the "long gun carry". Many years ago when I joined this forum, there were talks like "Yeah man, we need to show up with long guns open carry to this place, that place, show whats legal blah blah blah". What happened ? The current "privilege" was afforded by a NY case, not because of any push back from People here in NJ or activism. If we don't take opportunities like this and communicate with our dear elected leaders and Public, we are gonna have to wait for another NY case to hit SCOTUS in another 10 years, 10 years after that.. <<rant-over>>
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    The very best thing can happen to CCW in NJ is that it is not noticed. One or two helpings of "good guy with a gun" couldn't hurt either, but can be completely derailed by a single incident of carelessness, negligence or arrogance.
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    I'm thinking along similar lines. I plan to do a full HQC-1, largely because I live in a very obstructionist town, and I want to give them one less excuse to hold up my permit processing. Also, your point about it giving a prosecutor one less thing to have fake histrionics about should I ever find myself in court is a good one. Same thing with reloads. I'm practicing with reloads that approximate my planned carry loads, but I won't carry reloads. There is a cost associated with shooting enough of the premium factory ammo to make sure it runs well in the gun, but beyond than that my lifetime cost for premium ammo used in CCW is very likely to be $0
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    Open carry is stupid, that is, unless you are a cop or at a redneck BBQ, then it's cool. Apparently BBQ guns are a thing out west. Advertising that one is packing heat is inviting trouble, it can only be interpreted as attention seeking behavior. What would be the point, other than to intentionally upset people and looking for confrontation of some sort. Makes me think that the carrier has a gunslinger complex and probably didn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. Kinda pathetic. Be happy that concealed carry is now available to law abiding folks, don't fuck it up for everyone else because you want to make an unnecessary statement.
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    never mind, didn’t want to hijack
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    Leave it to Bergen County to be different.
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    You do you bruh. Let us know how it works out for ya after you put them coppers in their place.
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    No need for "figuring". We all know where we live...
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    Now here's a State Standing up to the Feds, that we will never see with our limp dicks in Trenton! Your bureau, he informs Christopher Wray, wants to do an “onsite review” of the Concealed Carry Weapons Permits. It’s not happening. “Let me be perfectly clear. Allowing federal agents from the FBI to have access to records of Missourians who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon violates Missouri law.” Not only that, it infringes on their Second Amendment rights, too. The FBI might think they can break the law but Missouri won’t let them do it in their state. They have a law which “specifically prohibits sharing this confidential list with the federal government.” The FBI can take their little audit request and stick it up their… nose. Obama scared their legislature into taking proactive steps a long while back. They saw this one coming. “You may wonder why there is such strong suspicion of federal agents here in the ‘Show Me State.‘ Simply put, Missourians are hard-working, law-abiding citizens who don’t need a national nanny-state keeping tabs on us. But more than that, over the last couple of years, we’ve seen story after story of incompetence and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. Our trust in your agency is at an all-time low.” He includes a laundry list of the FBI’s alleged crimes just so everyone knows what he’s talking about. https://rightwingnewshour.com/state-officially-flips-fbi-the-bird/?utm_source=RNH BS3 PIB 0522
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    Thanks for the call the other night. I'm waiting for your process to go through to submit my stuff. I'll be curious to see what happens.
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    I don't get realtime info either - one of the Discord servers I'm in is the NJ Guns discord and has a NICS Queue tracker bot - it gives periodic updates.
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    nope. no one needs to know....or should know.......that it's there.
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    So a roof mounted M2 is a no go then?
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    In this state open carry, legal or not, would only escalate the fears of anti-gun advocates. Why provoke an already committed block of voters to keep the current ilk of legislators in place? Responsible gun owners, legally carrying firearms without uncalled for use will slowly convert some fence-sitters to the pro-gun side of the debate and alleviate those fears & concerns.
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    I said previously I think someone will be okay qualifying with the HQC1. However, the statute just says qualification not specifying COF. I think they'll have to accept whatever COF is used at this time as long as you can attach that it's used by a LE organization or the NRA. When my daughter decided to have a handgun (she got a S&W Model 10 and a Taurus 85 from my accumulation) I trained her to 10 yards. She was shooting a 3 inch group at 10 which interpolates to about an 8" group at 25. She doesn't want to carry (although she's lived in a shall issue/open carry state for about 20 years). I was satisfied with her performance.
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    Wouldn't it behoove most of these qualification providers to just run folks thru a HQC1 CoF instead of their "modified" programs?
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    My 3 references received their letters from Rockaway Twp. All responded and sent back.....
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    We're rocketing into the future. It's published on 7/19, but revised on 7/22.
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    FWIW Christopher Wray is Chris Christie’s buddy…
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    There are at least two official NJ governemnt sites offering the form for download, and those two sites have had different versions at different times. Good thing we don't pay much in taxes to support the ineptitude of these buffoons...
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    Back on topic...booked a qual at Shooters and we'll see how it goes...was told to bring 100 rds per person...and yes, the distances are 5/7.5/10... Was also told the gun you shoot with gets registered, you can bring other guns with you, but it's up to the instructor as to whether or not they'll get listed without being shot...
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    Can't we all just get along?
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    Cut'n'pasted from the Qualifications thread: I am pretty much set up to run quals. Email me at [email protected] to make a booking. Currently quals will be held at Phillipsburg Pistol Club where, in order to prevent a high volume of quals from preventing the general membership from using the facilities, the range can be booked from 8am-12pm Monday thru Thursday. I need to give them some notice to make the range booking and it needs to fit in with my day job. Right now, I could take a booking for Thursday morning (7/21) but you need to let me know today. Future sessions will available depending on my work schedule. I am also working on getting approval to run quals at EFGA which should make some evenings and weekends possible. It will take 20-30 minutes per person, per gun and I would prefer small groups rather than set up for just 1 person. The CoF will be HQC1 - 60 rounds at a Q target from 1 to 25 yards. You'll need to bring: the gun(s) you intend to carry 60 rounds per gun 2 magazines or a speedloader (there is a mandatory reload on the clock in the CoF) a strong side hip holster (IWB or OWB is fine. No AIWB, SoB or shoulder holsters allowed) a magazine/speedloader pouch is useful but not required eye & ear protection Appropriate outdoor gear (sun hat, rain jacket, etc.) I will be signing the certification based on the shooter scoring a minimum of 80% (48 hits) and observed safe gun handling. Safe gun handling will be assessed based on the well established rules that have been used in IDPA/USPSA/ICORE for years. The fees will be $65 per person for the first gun and $40 for each additional gun during the same session. N.B. When you sign the qualification certificate you will be attesting that you have read the New Jersey Statutes pertaining to your responsibilities and liabilities regarding carrying a handgun, N.J.S.A. 2C:3-1, et seq. These statutes describe the laws pertaining to use of force in NJ. I am not qualified to teach use of force and will not be doing so. This is purely a certificate to satisfy N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4 (b). I will include a copy of my certification as an NRA Instructor to satisfy N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4 (c).
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    Apologies Shooter, not sure why the system will not let me post without the above.... Independently, one would assume that the test would be standardized, but the only way that will happen is if NJ had a central bureaucracy running the shoot. We don't want that. The state troopers running it? Meh, not a good idea even if you can get an appointment... They have it set up pretty decently, a qualified instructor runs the shoot. Now here is the problem, in the past, what 90% of these quals, maybe more were aimed at retired leos. Maybe they are justified to require them to meet a higher qual, maybe not, I don't know... But with the Mega Ruling several weeks ago all that changed. Now there will be many non-retired leos looking to qual. I personally do not think it makes sense to ask a person who wants to defend themselves legally to have to prove it at 25 yards. In reality it gives them the wrong impression of a legal self defense shoot. Where is that #? Who knows, i would say 10 yards, 15 Y tops. This is NOT training, train all you want on your own, shoot at 25 y often and 50 y from time to time (that is what I do), but for those who want the right to basic SD outside the home it it is perfectly reasonable to require 30 or 45 feet max. You should see (short distance) standards in some of the free states, they will shock and awe you. And of course there are also many other states with Constitutional Carry. Be careful what you wish for.
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    He shot the rifle toting gunman at 40 yards! 40 yards! And y'all think 25 yards is far... https://www.wthr.com/article/news/special-reports/greenwood-mall-mass-shooting/good-samaritan-identified-in-greenwood-park-mall-shooting-called-hero-by-his-girlfriends-family-indiana-suspect-shooter-victim/531-fb83dc76-24c2-4e72-b5fb-573be0e589ef
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    We are really overthinking this qualification thing. It's really simple. NJAC 13:45-2.4 sets the standard. There are three ways to qualify. I'll list them out of order... (1) take a course that's the same as the one police take at the academy - that's not available so we can't do this one. (3) Pass a test on the state's laws about use of force by an instructor of the police academy or NRA instructor. - there is no such course so we can't do this one. (2) Shoot a qualifier and submit your scores with a NRA or other instructor. This is the only one we can use since it's the only one that exists so we will do this one. And there is no specific required course of fire. So go shoot something that seems reasonable and submit your scores. It will be hard for the state to reject any course of fire since they have no idea what's acceptable and what isn't. Make yours look kind of like everyone else's and the permit approvers will just assume it's the correct one. If someone does complain, ask for the standard they are using to decide that - there isn't one. Living in NJ has made us so afraid of making a mistake that we've filled 20 pages of what-ifs on this topic.
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    Very likely the application did not goto NJSP at all. More likely he thought it was ok, then referred to the NJSP material, internal checklist or called NJSP to get clarification.
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    I ran my first 3 candidates through HQC1 & HNQC this evening. All 3 passed both CoF. They will keep me posted on the progress of their applications.
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    Speaking of swabbing the case for explosives…. While I’ve told this story before, I had an experience with DFW TSA agents in this regard. I was returning to Philly after a ranch trip, with a rifle. TSA in Dallas swabbed my gun case, and said, “you can’t fly with this gun case, it tested positive for gunpowder residue.” Yep…it’s a GUN case, with a firearm inside it, of COURSE it tested positive for gunpowder residue. I had him get his supervisor, who ran the same test, and said the same thing. They wouldn’t let me fly with it. I had to get the supervisors supervisor….and he agreed with me (no shit, Sherlock!), and not only verbally bitch slapped his subordinates, but allowed my rifle to fly. TSA is useless.

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