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JohnnyB's Feedback

  1. zoid left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction. Good communication!

    JohnnyB was Trading

  2. siderman left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction, paid fast.

    JohnnyB was Trading

  3. alarmwizz left Positive feedback   

    Great Guy to deal with a man of his word.

    JohnnyB was Trading

  4. Matthew Lutz left Positive feedback   

    Prompt communication and easy to work with.

    JohnnyB was Trading

  5. Malsua left Positive feedback   

    Honest and on Time! Great guy to deal with! Thanks John.

    JohnnyB was Trading

  6. svt3183 left Positive feedback   

    Good buyer and good guy

    JohnnyB was The Seller

  7. halju left Positive feedback   

    Good communication, very easy to talk to and work with.

    JohnnyB was The Seller

  8. mge_1 left Positive feedback   

    +1 awesome buyer, good communication

    JohnnyB was The Seller

  9. ToddD left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy. Thanks

    JohnnyB was Trading

  10. effd27145 left Positive feedback   

    Great Transaction, Everything was in order, Thanks!

    JohnnyB was Trading

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