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1LtCAP's Feedback

  1. taylorham left Positive feedback   

    1LtCAP was a pleasure to do business with. The transaction was done completely through PMs and the mail and was completely seamless. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again in the future. Thank you!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  2. sgtdave4321 left Positive feedback   

    John is gret to deal with!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  3. this_is_nascar left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS: 9mm Ammo **SOLD**
    Performed a couple transactions with John within a couple weeks. Each one was terrific. Trustworthy and helpful. Would do business with him again as a seller and buyer.

    1LtCAP was Trading

  4. alarmwizz left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy to deal with very trustworthy and honest.

    1LtCAP was Trading

  5. Ray Ray left Positive feedback   

    Easy to deal with, good dude

    1LtCAP was Trading

  6. the_stranger left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy transaction

    1LtCAP was Trading

  7. Targetpractice left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer! Super nice guy! A++++

    1LtCAP was Trading

  8. TheMan left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction!! Hope you enjoy!!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  9. RecessedFilter left Positive feedback   

    Sent payment quickly and overall a smooth transaction. Thanks!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  10. mge_1 left Positive feedback   

    awesome buyer! enjoy

    1LtCAP was Trading

  11. mge_1 left Positive feedback   

    another easy transaction...

    1LtCAP was Trading

  12. bhunted left Positive feedback   

    Fun to deal with... great transaction. Enjoy it my friend...

    1LtCAP was The Seller

  13. mge_1 left Positive feedback   

    awesome buyer! another smooth transaction. thanks!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  14. brocglock23 left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic guy, great with communication. Simply Awesome

    1LtCAP was Trading

  15. 94dak left Positive feedback   

    great buyer

    1LtCAP was Trading

  16. Lalo left Positive feedback   

    Quick payment. Great communication. Would recommend. +++1

    1LtCAP was Trading

  17. Russell left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, fast payment. Thanks

    1LtCAP was Trading

  18. chadz302 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, super easy to deal with. Thanks again John!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  19. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Another easy transaction - great guy, deal with confidence!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  20. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, very good communication. Nice chatting with you!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  21. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    John is Great to deal with; honest, trustworthy and great all around guy!!!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  22. HolyHandGrenade left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the Smooth transaction!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  23. Bugsy732 left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a Rifle from me. Fast payment! A+++ Buyer!!

    1LtCAP was Trading

  24. mge_1 left Positive feedback   

    A+++ buyer

    1LtCAP was Trading

  25. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    John is a great customer and very knowledgeable - Great to do business with !

    1LtCAP was Trading

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