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  1. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I am more concerned about downed trees, powerlines, etc.
  2. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Except the issue will be the ice apparently. Especially when it freezes Sunday night.
  3. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Time to stop complaining?
  4. I don't think in ANY of the suicides at the public ranges in the last 10 years did they ever want to take anyone elses life.
  5. Was just looking at @SCArms facebook page. Some of his guns could of surely fit in John Wick 2/3. I guess my peeve is that those guns are too over the top boy racer....
  6. Yikes... where did you find that? Shot in foot? Humn... wonder if drawing from holster or someone pointed gun where they were not supposed to.
  7. yawn... click bait.
  8. I knew Taran before all of the fame. He was just a decent gun guy who made some accessories.... and THEN John Wick. eh. In reality... there are plenty of other and perhaps better gunsmiths out there. What would be really cool is Keanu using some Johny Lim's Limcat guns! hehe OR perfectly in line with "John Wick" would be SVI guns.
  9. Too bad you are not in America.... There is an 80 acre plot of land for sale here.
  10. The good thing is though, many of the indoor ranges have the option of putting in bullet proof barriers in between stalls. I do wonder how many of them take that option though. Action Target certainly pushes it at the shows.
  11. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    We are at around 800 ft here. Not quite the poconos BUT certainly not the bottom of the valley.
  12. "I can totally appreciate you being committed to safety and that is the number one priority here. Doing XYZ is not safe because ABC." If they get offended to that, they should not be shooting OR get the range owners involved. "Your rights end where my nose begins." John Loche Generally though, most gun owners are just fine and have yet to have someone be douchey. But this is also why I love shooting matches... no one is above anyone else when it comes to safety and anyone can call seize fire and there are clearly defined safety rules.
  13. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    HAHA, it is not THE snow... but rather that it is MOAR. =P No 11" in Florida. =P
  14. And I should clarify... by training I mean the people have to be able to show they can SAFELY use a firearm, i.e. not sweeping across the line, able to control the recoil and not drop the gun and to generally be able to identify when something is wrong and to STOP. Whether they can shoot a 1MOA group or can barely hit a piece of paper.... that I don't care about. Way tooo often we go to public ranges just to get someone sweep the line with a loaded gun. And it is NOT just newbies. The most dangerous folks are the guys and gals who have owned guns for some time and can comfortably shoot them... but take foregranted that things can go wrong. Typically that is the time in between you are a new shooter and until you have your first... 1. Squib, 2. ND, or 3. Get swept by some other person and you recognize it.

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