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  1. Not quite... "other" is merely a category created by ATF that defines firearms that don't fit the existing criteria of "long gun", pistol or AOW. The way @Franklin Armory went about it at first was to do a smoothbore gun... thus, no rifled barrel and thus not a rifle. Troy and others went a different route, by manufacturing a firearm that was designed to "be fired with two hands"... hence the vertical fore grip and the pistol brace, and not a stock. And as long as the over all length on these is over 26", it is an "other firearm" rather than "any other firearm" which requires a $5 tax stamp and generally not kosher in the New Jersey. Hope that helps. I did two videos on this, with my Troy A4 and then discussed deeper in the Dark Storm visits the range. @USRifle30Calso the gun Jack has here, is 100% kosher in NJ under current laws.
  2. Did you get the approval? Yes... hoping the weather will be nice...
  3. YEs. Yes it is. Btw, here is the video we did with the guns. @Dark Storm What guns are you going to have with you?
  4. Not court rulings. They had it planned earlier. I think activist investors and I might have been the one to do it. Overall though, good news. Did an hour long live stream on this tonight.
  5. Not quite. Sheepdog Warrior in Catskill is there too, for North Jersey guys it is even closer. Beyond that, @vladtepes and now many members here are residents of PA. =) There are plenty of farms around and now that the fields are done... they are shooting ranges.
  6. New Holland is out to 800 now? Quick update to this... schedule got a bit tied up and was not able to find a day that works with the range. Will see what we can do. Also found out a few things about the place that may be less than idea. On the flip side, chasing down a lead for a private range much closer allowing over 1,000 yards. (aka someone's farm.)
  7. Looking for a Glock 37 or 38 for a franken project. Actually just need the top end if you have that. Let me know. Prefer the older Gen 3, not the Gen 4. Thanks!
  8. Because Slavs Squad! =) That's the channel Meme! Thanks @Parker will take a look!
  9. Quite a bit in the making but yay! Join on YouTube at 9pm ET.
  10. If you want to come to PA... Plenty of ranges have 100 meter targets. I think it has to do with certain NRA matches that are using meter targets? Palmerton, 100, 200 and 300 meter targets.
  11. They restarted a few years ago and did limited runs IIRC. I think 2 years ago we started seeing them more and more.
  12. Interesting... I suppose it does make sense but the enforcement is going to be crazy. In that same spirit, I suppose any food items purchased for the purposes of being shot and blown up at the range ought to be taxed too?
  13. The classic "ar pistol" in NJ is the Bushmaster Carbon, which a few dealers have. In reality though, I think it is kind of silly, especially since today you can buy an "other firearm"
  14. Sorry, but yes, while you are right.... WHAT KIND OF GUY DOES NOT OWN A VISE AND AT LEAST 1 OR 2 TORQUE WRENCHES?!?!!?
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