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  1. Did not even want to go there but that would be kinda disturbing.... unless of course the guy being arrested was a dirt bag criminal who was practicing drawing from his jeans around his ankles.
  2. So one guy, not 20? Really disappointed to hear, if true, that a shooter narc’ed on another shooter for having 15 round mags. Vs saying... “hey, did you know that mag laws changed and are now 10 rounds. “
  3. Get the 22/45 as fun as 22lr revolvers are, you will rarely shoot them....
  4. 20 or more in one shot would likely be a match of some sort and once again I think we would have heard something about it by now.
  5. What gun shop? Have not heard anything here or on Facebook yet. There are only a few public ranges and should be easily enough to verify.
  6. Other one is Central Jersey in Jackson, REALLY pricey but nice. You will need a draw badge if you want to practice from a holster.
  7. So I was watching a Vickers Tactical video of him visiting Russia with some of the SF guys. Just wondering, for our LEO guys here, do we do anything this insane in training in the States?
  8. All had those but I also saw a few that asked whether to my knowledge applicant had drug or drinking issues and one or another about mental health.
  9. Too strong? Maybe.. BUT it is 100% correct. As long as you have the fundamentals of shooting down, the gun doesn't matter. They are 95% the same thing, copies of one another. One may be more comfortable, or more accurate at 50 yards... or you can have faster split times with them... but a "weird grip angle" should not prevent you from being able to shoot it. There are very very few guns I have shot over the last 12 years in matches, meetups or industry events that had me puzzled. I think on one hand can I count them. All of those guns were trying to do things out of the box, aka wrong. lol.
  10. Weird grip angle? Is it really that different? I dunno, it never bothered me and I shoot them very well. The only gun that truly felt blah, weird to shoot was the Hudson H9. Everything else is just a frame with a grip and a slide on top. Pull trigger, goes bang... 99% of the time.
  11. +1000. Generally, the last few times I used reference forms for pistol permits I used forum member friends. We all know how important it is and generally get them in QUICK!. Make friends with gun owners, simple as that. Let's stop the personal attacks, seriously. Do you wake up every day to see how @Greenday is going to piss you off? He did nothing wrong in this thread. I do agree that many buy for home defense, but to be 100% up front, when I bought my first guns, it was really for target practice and shooting sports. That is how it is for most people buying a gun. It is not to defend the home... but generally it is folks going to the range, renting, loving it, and then wanting to buy a gun. I honestly don't think most people buying their first gun are thinking about home defense. Heck, they may think it.. but they would not be using it in that case. Varies by township. On the ones my town sent in, it asks basic info about health, metal issues, drinking, drugs, etc. On a few others I got there were more questions about moral character, safe enough to use a gun, violence, etc.
  12. Believe me, people here DO care... but when the Republicans control both houses of state government, it is NOT going to happen. Beyond that, if something more serious was going to happen, the "Kentucky" part of "Pennsyltucky" would be the firs to march. Vastly different from a state like New Jersey where gun owners are a vast minority. It would be like Democrats revolting and thinking every conservative is from Texas is coming to NJ because MPC introduced his concealed carry bill again. People regularly shoot outside and no one calls the cops... here close to Jersey. It is very very very very different environment and not even my liberal neighbors bat an eye when our other neighbor shoots in his backyard. Realistically, Florida and other states are more likely to have gun issues than PA.
  13. And personally, this was my favorite gun of the day. =)
  14. Ok, so it does mark them all read, it just does not auto reload as it used to? I never used the feature so not sure what is normal as it operated.
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