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Daily humor thread

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Reminder: it's a humor thread, so we try not to moderate heavily. We'd rather you moderate your own behavior. However, posts in blatantly bad taste will be removed as they go against general forum rules of behavior. Thanks to all you posters who alert us to problems. And pls, remember - the "report post" tool is the best thing to use in cases like this - it alerts all admins/mods and therefore gets the quickest attention.

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    • By njJoniGuy
      Longtime resident Lady Liberty, age 236 was struck by a stolen Chevy Volt last night along the interstate. The driver and passengers, illegally in the US from their native countries across the world, then dragged Ms. Liberty into the woods and brutally sodomized her before heading to the local polling place where they registered using the names of Supreme Court justices and voted without being challenged by UN poll watchers.
      Authorities found them around the corner, each with a large supply of newly legalized recreational marijuana, getting high. They were taken into custody and released a short time later with a kiss on each cheek and a prepaid gift card for WaWa to handle the munchies.
      Ms. Liberty is in extremely critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, and doctors are very wary of her chances of recovery. A crowd of zombie-like citizens are already gathered at the Liberty residence, preparing to loot it of valuables when she succumbs to her injuries or the Death Panel declares her worthless and pulls the plug.
    • By DBCooper
      These guys know how to party...
    • By Maksim
      Why not an offshoot...
      Been meaning to start thread a few days ago, after dry firing, I was trying to copy a link from youtube to chat....
      You know you play too many gun games (uspsa/idpa) when you...
      ...double tap the Control + C twice before pasting the link.
    • By njJoniGuy
      Cross posted from the nationalmatch site
    • By njJoniGuy
      with link to their overall humor section
      such as:
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    • 90% chance that is the fast color changes overloading the bandwidth available on the TV channel, and/or the compression method of transmitting the live signal (believe that is a cause of some of the green you see), and/or the compression of the signal from the cable provider. If you own a blu-ray of a movie and see the same movie on cable TV, you'll be amazed how much of a difference there really can be (and that is on something created under near-perfect conditions, almost the polar opposite of LivePD). You will likely see compression effects (blockiness) most in highly detailed areas, especially with motion, like looking at lots of leaves/grass or at slightly choppy water. The broadcast has a set, finite amount of bandwidth while the bluray tends to have a much higher bitrate. You might also see less color banding in large expanses of sky on the bluray. So really, don't think it is likely to be your TV as much as the content being displayed. If you have a computer monitor with an hdmi input that you can try, maybe see if it acts exactly the same. I expect it will. Unless you are trying to convince the wife you need a new TV, in which case, you absolutely need a new TV. And a new gun to go with it.
    • Says the man who usually places so much trust in the government. The link to the CDC uses a lot of "may" and "might".  I agree with may and might.  However, at least hundreds of millions of people have been collecting and living off properly collected and stored rainwater for thousands of years.
    • yes, maybe. but it's absurd. there's no background check for archery equipment and no record keeping. he could have just bought a new bow that same day.
    • This law firm wrote a very shoddy letter.  Misspelling and bad grammar.  Jail house lawyer stuff. Im not surprised the courts didnt take it seeiusly.  No case identifiers or citing any laws.   Im not surprised this is going nowhere.  Ask for a full refund of dues.  Get a competent legal firm. 
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