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2 hours ago, Bklynracer said:

This reminds me of a joke I heard a long time ago.

In a parched and dusty western town, a reclusive gold prospector from the mountain rode in.  The town mayor and a couple  buddies who were sitting outside the barber shop watched the prospector ride up to the general store.  The prospector dismounted and hitched his horse.  After dusting off the caked on dirt, he then walked around to the rear, lifted the horse's tail and kissed it squarely on it's asshole.  The shocked mayor got up and approached the prospector.  You!, You there, just what was that!  The prospector replied huh?  The increasingly incensed mayor said We got laws ag'in immoral behavior like that.  Why'd you kiss that horse on the bum?"  The prospector replied, Oh, that.  I got me a might powerful case of chapped lips.  The now confused mayor asks  " Is that some sorta Indian cure".  No sir, it ain't no cure, but it sure as shit keeps me from lick'n my lips.

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