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    He won’t have a reason, but I suppose he could try. You tell me... I am quite disheartened with some of the fear mongering going on right now and it’s at a full court press. From threats of mass raids on those who own firearms capable of accepting “large capacity magazines,” to Murphy must conduct raids for fear of political retribution, to I’m facing 115 years in jail and a million in fines, to waking up today to an article posted speaking of searches of homes without probable cause (during a search for terrorist bombers), for reasons I’m not sure of, a few in the community are doing, in my opinion, a disservice to the 2a community. I’m not seeking to take away what they have done over time and for what they have done, I and all of us should be grateful for that. As we stand here, on the eve of many of our friends turning into criminals for doing nothing more than inaction, and we stand here having had our constitutional rights limited, illegally and against our will, I thought I’d offer another perspective. A perspective on seeking to help some of us figure it out, and not scare some of us into hiding or moving out of state and reducing the size of the community here to support the second amendment. Full disclosure, I can’t call this legal advice as I don’t know all of your specifics, but I can offer some perspective and try and quell some of the fear that has been heightened over the last few days. That’s not to say there should be no fear, the government has just infringed on our constitutional rights, our governor is hostile to our cause, but the onslaught currently occurring, is making people think tomorrow is the day my local PD raids my home. About me: I’m a proud supporter of the second amendment, a criminal defense attorney, and a former Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor who ran the county gang, gun, and drugs task force. At my time there, lawful gun owners were not the target of our investigations, that’s not to say some lawful gun owners didn’t do other nutty or illegal stuff, but we didn’t target them for being gun owners, they were targeted for drug dealing, illegal gun running, assault, etc. Those people we in no way assets to the second amendment cause. We, those of us on these discussion groups and forums, are among the most educated gun owners in the state. There are hundreds of thousands of gun owners in the state, but these Facebook groups and forums have 2,000 or 5,000 people participating in the discussion. Quite honestly, I’d expect Joe Schmo gun owner, who got a pistol after watching the expendables because it looks cool, and really has no idea about the mag ban or his second amendment rights, to run afoul of the law before any of us do. That said, I hope, that any person who unknowingly or mistakenly brings a “large capacity magazine” to a range or gun club, is told to take it home or throw it out, and not have the police called on them. I can’t imagine any range that did that would be in business long anyways. I have a hard time with someone, especially someone knowledgeable, suggesting that the simple act of owning a gun that can accept large capacity magazines, is grounds for large scale raids. That IS fear mongering. Raids require search warrants. Search warrants require probable cause. Probable cause has to be determined by a judge, yes a N.J. judge, but a judge. It’s not some willy nilly standard. There have to be proofs of the illegality, describe the items they are seeking, and enough facts, specific facts, to overbear your fourth amendment rights. I have participated in a large amount of search warrants, from the drafting of the affidavit to appearing with the officer in front of a judge, defending search warrants on motions to suppress, and challenging searches based on the fourth amendment. I would not approve an officer seeing a judge, nor would I ever expect a judge to approve a search warrant based on the following: “John Doe is a resident of New Jersey. In 2009, he purchased a Beretta 92fs, a 9 millimeter pistol. That firearm is capable of accepting a magazine that contains more than 10 rounds. Based upon the previous, we believe that we have probable cause to believe that he has a large capacity magazine.” Even in N.J., that isn’t going to fly. It’s probable cause to believe, not a hunch. Without more that’s simply a hunch. That isn’t to say that won’t be part of an application for a search warrant, but there must be more. Someone witnessing your large capacity magazine, posting photos of your large capacity magazines to social media, or possibly bragging about keeping them or using them could certainly further their quest to search a home. What i find sad, is with specific knowledge of what is required for a search warrant, people are still stoking the fires of fear regarding mass raids. I don’t think anyone is actually facing 115 years in jail or a million in fines for their magazines. The N.J. sentencing laws would never allow that type of sentence, not would logic allow for it. The law prohibits the possession of magazines over 10 rounds just like it prohibits possessing hollow points outside of the limited exceptions. Have you ever heard, or do you think even this sad state would allow for punishment per bullet, a 50 round box allowing for a max sentence of 75 years or a super dangerous box of 525 .22’s allowing for a max sentence of 787 years in jail. Similarly, simple possession of 50 large capacity mags will not get you 75 years. Also, with very limited exception, fines other than mandatory ones are not doled out. I’d say I’ve seen 10 cases have discretionary fines in my career of thousands of cases in superior court, and never the maximum. That said, with no record and being a lawful gun owner, possession is a fourth degree crime, which means there is a presumption of non incarceration. Having no record, a person is more likely to have pretrial intervention or probation. I’m in no way saying I agree that it should be illegal, but likely punishment potential needs to be kept in perspective. A quick note on exigency and the article posted on the Boston bombing, though oddly making no mention of the bombing or the search being for the bombers. First, they asked for consent. It’s not easy to say no, especially to highly armed officers in tactical gear, but it’s your right. Does anyone think when police are searching for a similarly situated dirtbag, who just murdered several people including a police officer, and maimed hundreds of others, their focus is on the non-complaint magazine in someone’s sock drawer? The law may allow for the search, but if it does, they have more on their mind than your 15 round Glock mag. It might be more instructive instead of saying prepare for mass raids, to inform people, many who do not posses our knowledge of the law, with their rights. If the police show up and ask to see your weapons or gun safe, you are free to say no. Be careful, they are very slick and will say anything to get into your home if that is their mission. They can’t arrest you for not consenting. If they ask you if you have magazines that are non-compliant, you are free to remain silent. Don’t lie, just be silent and say I don’t wish to speak with you. It is easier said than done as police are instructed on how to manipulate targets to get them to allow searches, waive miranda, etc. If they threaten that they will get a search warrant if you don’t consent, tell them ok. It’s an absolute they will get in if you consent. It’s not absolute that they will be granted a search warrant, and if they do, you can challenge it later in court. If people are worried about parts of the law, they should speak directly with a lawyer about their particular situation. That’s my 2 cents, feel free to disregard, I won’t force anyone to do or believe anything, I just want you to know their are other informed opinions out there that aren’t total doom and gloom.
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    Story should hit the newsstands in this Sunday's paper. Gave the reporter a 50 minute interview this afternoon on all sorts of EFF'd-Up NJ gun laws, justifiable need & how being KIDNAPPED TWICE by the same Biker Gang wasn't justifiable ENOUGH, Dustin Friedlander (Short Hills Mall), Carol Bowne DV homicide & how she'd be lookin' at 3.5-7 if she had a loaded gun with her in the SUV when her Ex stabbed her, Shaneen Allen arrest w/ permitted hand gun over the boarder, PTI, mandatory minimums, and how even cops have to get a P2P for their off duty gun(s)! Enough STUPID to fill an entire story by itself. I hope I'm treated fairly, as I was assured I would be. I also hope I spoke up well for all of us here on the forum that want to see real changes for the better when it comes to NJ gun laws! Rosey
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    Good day and I hope this email finds you well. On our chat I have had a number of questions regarding what's going on and I wanted to send out a note to reassure you. If you are not aware, since the "election" social media companies have been hard at work silencing those they simply do not agree with. Twitter has banned over 70,000 accounts and FaceBook is purging posts that have key terms like "Stop the steal." Today, the purge hit the firearms community and a site that pretty much everyone is familiar with, AR15.com. Unfortunately, this is not surprising and anyone in the domain community has known for some time that GoDaddy is Anti-Gun and Anti Freedom of Speech. So while I am irritated that GoDaddy took these actions with AR15.com, I am more surprised that it was somehow a shock to someone who should have known better. AR15.com was registered at GoDaddy, and far more disturbing, is still having it's website hosted on Amazon's AWS. Just last night, Amazon chose to cut off services to Parler, which ran on the very same Amazon Web Services' cloud computing platform. How Does this Impact NJGF and How Are We Exposed? Since DAY 1, over 12 years ago, being at the mercy of anti-gun companies has been a concern of mine. As such, the domain has ALWAYS been registered and managed at either an offshore web registrar, Internet.bs, registered in the Bahamas, or, and for the last few years, at Epik.com, a registrar owned by a Freedom loving, CEO Rob Monster, someone I have come to known fairly well over the prior few years. Before Gab.com, Parler.com and now AR15.com found Epik.com, we have been using them for NJGunForums.com registration along with many other domains in my firearms portfolio. The company is strongly in support of the First and Second Amendments and I do not have any concerns there. In either case, if there is trouble on the horizon, the next step would be to register the domain at an offshore registrar. Hosting wise, there is a weeeeeee bit more exposure. NJGF is hosted on a dedicated server, with a host we have used for the last 8 years or so. I have had multiple discussions with the host over the years regarding firearms and they are completely okay with the firearms community. More than that, we are not on a "cloud" hosting platform where the data is all over the place, the data is on a server, backed up to two drivers. We DO use Amazon for cheap backup storage however, however an outage there, would have no impact on the community. As a backup, I maintain a number of backup hosts offshore as well, currently Norway, a country that values internet freedom, and will look into adding a second in either Switzerland or Bulgaria. In the event the current host would have an issue with the firearms community, it would take a few hours to transition to an offshore hosting account. Many people have asked about what they can do, and why we have "Premier Memberships" on the forum, this is why. Bottom Line While I am deeply concerned about the "cancel culture," I am not concerned about being in the position that AR15.com is today, and what many other firearms communities may find themselves in tomorrow. For the last 10 years, these concerns were top of mind and it is why we block traffic from most of Asia, and have the domain registered and servers hosted where we do. If you want to support the community and help with the additional backup servers, please consider becoming a Premier Member. You can do that here... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/ If you have domains left over at GoDaddy, and want to tell them to pound sand, I highly recommend Epik.com, and it is where I have the vast majority of my domains registered, please use our link, http://slav.li/epik Thanks! -Maks
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    OK..... Everyone needs to chill out. And what I mean by that is how we interact with each-other on this board. Yes.... this week SUCKED for us as far as our rights.... The fight is not over... There are already many new members looking for guidance on these new laws. Be nice.... Be Patient, they could be your next range partner... There are many current members that are confused on these new laws. We need to work together to discuss the definition of what these laws are, and what our future holds, and how we can help fight them. But attacking and being rude to each other because the other person might have a different take on the issue will get us no where. So EVERYONE needs to relax and start being nice to their 2A neighbor ...... if we cannot stick together, we have zero chance to do anything positive. Don't make me and my mod staff have to move and moderate threads on this stuff.....
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    Greenday sat down at the bar and told the bartender, 'I'll have three shots of whiskey, please." The bartender replied, "Three shots? Are you celebrating something?" "As a matter of fact, I am. I just experienced my first blow-job." Greenday responded. "That's great!" said the bartender. "I'll give you a fourth shot on the house." "Don't bother," said Greenday. "If the first three shots won't get rid of the taste, nothing will."
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    Ahh, there it is, I was waiting for it to put in an appearance, and it is no surprise that it was in a post from AVB-AMG. The "C" word - compromise. The tool used by every snake oil salesman, just before they sell you down the river. Gun owners have been sold the "compromise deal" ever since someone decided that the general populous having guns was a bad thing - and screw the 2A and its "shall not be infringed". Lets see, there was the GCA of 1934, the GCA of 1968, the ban on full auto weapons under the guise of the FOPA of 1986, the AWB of 1994, not to mention all the "me-too" legislation enacted by various states and municipalities. I think that someone needs to show our politicians the meaning of the word "compromise". Here's how Webster defines it: settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions. What concessions have we received? Where is the compromise in all of the above? Gee, the government has allowed us to keep guns it approves of, but it keeps coming back to the table for another bite of the gun control apple. There should be no more compromises - we've given up enough, it's time to draw our line in the sand. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    It’s a right, not a privilege. You may not like it GnC, but you don’t get to choose who gets to exercise their rights and who doesn’t. They people get to choose for themselves. Pretty cool how that works, huh? Maybe if more people owned and carried guns in N.J., and maybe if there was an actual established gun culture in N.J., everyone would have a better idea on how to act around firearms. The four firearms safety rules would be common knowledge like cross at the green and not in between and don’t eat yellow snow. Imagine if growing up in a gun friendly house and being raised by enthusiast parents didn’t make you a social pariah. Imagine if schools had hunters ed alongside drivers ed and a shooting team - clays, bullseye, 3 Gun - alongside basketball and baseball. It’s funny. Those same people drive, marry, have kids. Each of those things is infinitely more prone to causing death, injury, and disaster. Yet the “idiots” miraculously seem to manage. I wonder why? Probably because they are surrounded by those that know what they are doing. Because these things are commonly practiced, commonly accepted, and everyday topics of discussion without fear of repercussions. Maybe we should take time to teach people at the range instead of bitch about how unsafe they would be if they were to exercise their rights.
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    Great video You can skip to 4:39 if you want to get to the Truth.
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    My neighbor texted a little bit ago that a Bald Eagle was in his tree. I grabbed the 600mm zoom and got some cool shots!
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    "Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....." John Denver.... Actually, I will be driving for about 13 hours on our trek to leave this beautiful state. ...and no, I will not be returning again.... Tennessee, here we come. I'm posting this so whomever here think we should stay and fight and in countless threads, people telling me I should stay and fight for our rights. I'm posting this because the many that can stay in fight, should and GodSpeed. But a lot of us are leaving, not just because gun laws and NJ politics. Some of us are getting older and preparing for retirement. My wife and I had deep discussion over this and if we stay here, even our pensions and social security will not enable us to keep paying, paying and more paying. Some examples of living in Tennessee: - Our home insurance here is about $1K a year. TN is about $582 for a brand new home. - Taxes: NJ collects all the taxes you can think of. My home here is on a 40x100 ft lot. My taxes here are about $6500 a year. TN is about $1500 TN collects no State Income Tax. Their sales taxes suck a bit, averaging the collective state and county taxes of about 9.25% Lil' high but you save in a long run. Doesn't mean you have to spend thousands a year. Our biggest sales tax hit will be when we get there and buying all new furniture and such. - Car insurance for 2 brand new leased vehicles cost us almost $2G a year. TN full coverage is $1G for both vehicles. - OK, your favorite. Gun laws... I've had over 5 ccw's here in NJ over the years. Some were job related. Some not. You all, or should I start saying ya'll know the trials and tribulations you are confronting every day in NJ. In TN, they honor almost all states CCWs including Utah. Which I have. That will enable me to carry from the Virginias on out to TN till I get my CCW there. There are no fid or pistol permits persay. Just instant NICS checks. Buy a gun, walk out with it. Once you get your TN ccw which I believe does not take long, you are good to go. Many ranges and gun stores, 2 of which are in the same town. But I will make a day trip to Kentucky Gun which I have done business with over the years. They are only 6% sales tax and are a gun friendly state. - We can live anywhere as long as we get hi-speed internet. My wife is going to be allowed to work from home for the rest of her time employed as long as she has hi-speed internet so she can VPN in to her main office in Oregon. My only criteria is at least an acre and a garage that will be my man cave. I would really like being Bob Lee Swagger and go off grid but you don't get many amenities that way, including a Triple Play Package because if you want land, you are stuck with just a Satellite Dish and that won't cut it. So when we officially retire, we very well may go off the grid a bit. So no backyard shooting till then. - Friends and family. My parents have passed long ago and my siblings are no longer in my eye site. They fall into the turnip category due to jealousy. I've worked hard all my life. If you choose not to, that's on you... My best friend passed away and all others have done what we are doing now. Getting out of this hell hole. All my LEO comrades moved to FL, AZ and other areas and opened up 7-11s.... screw dat! I'd open donut shops! lmao.... So, guess I'll have to make new friends and enjoy what lil time my wife has with her only parent, her dad which will be a mere 14 mile drive. So please, if you see people in which you feel are running from this state because of gun laws, it may not just be about that. I'm tired of fighting for my NJ rights. I did my time here in many facets of life, Civil Defense, Rescue Squads, LEO, CG and many other things.... I don't need to do that, as I have pushed for over 60 years. So that being said, I leave this beautiful state with tears in my eyes. I've lived in my town my whole life. I say 'beautiful state' because it is. It just happens to be ran by criminal scum politicians. The landscape can be city all the way through country living. If you have toured this state as much as I have, there are many beautiful places. By the end of this week, I should be underway and to never look back! So fair well to the friends I have made here, the business relationships and so on. I'd like to think I been helpful over the years and made some sort of difference. For the people who hate or despise me, no harm, no foul. If that is your nature in general, so be it. I won't say I hate you because I am not that kind of person. But all I can suggest is look outside the box. Its not and never will be all about you. I will try to check in from time to time, but we will be knee deep in trying to settle in. Good Luck! Ya'll will need it!
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    I would really like to announce and Thank Mrs. Peel for joining the ranks of a fellow moderator. I needed a fresh set of eyes and help with keeping up with all the threads on here as of late. Nick does a great job of helping me, but as of late, it has been tough to keep up with.... I have no doubt with Mrs. Peel's help..... we can make this into an even more enjoyable forum then it already is.... To everyone that has PM'd me as of late asking for the forum to get back under control on certain subjects..... All I can say is, we will try.... To remind everyone..... This forum was built as designed for the Hobby/Sport of Firearm ownership.... The Main sections of the forum will continue to be about that..... I have moved the Gun Law stuff to its own section on the Main page..... It is simply divided between Current and Pending Gun Law Discussion. I know some threads will have political subjects..... they will be tolerated when dealing with the law itself.... ALL other political posts WILL be moved to the 1A section. If we move a thread into the 1A section, it is NOT punishment. It allows you to freely discuss a subject without Search Engines finding the thread and exposing us in an unfriendly light to the Anti crowd. As far as the PG-13 aspect of the Main Forum...... This is how the Owner of the forum and I want it to be..... IF you do not agree with it, that is your right. But it will not change how I run this forum. I will continue to try and make the Main areas of the forum open and available to all members to feel free to ask questions and gain knowledge of this hobby/sport we are all so passionate about. I know this is a tough time for all of us..... but fighting amongst each other will get us nowhere ...... keep it civil and keep your minds open to other trains of thought....
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    For all you whiners out there that are always complaining about how the NRA doesn't do anything for us - feast your eyes on this... http://www.anjrpc.org/ February 5-ANJRPC announced today that it has filed suit in federal court to overturn New Jersey's draconian restrictions on carrying a handgun outside the home for self-defense! Under New Jersey law, a permit to carry a handgun may be issued only to those citizens who show that they face a unique need for self-defense - such as specific, documented death threats or actual attacks. Ordinary citizens are barred from carrying a handgun outside the home for self-defense, under threat of up to 10 years in prison. The new lawsuit seeks to overturn New Jersey's carry law on the ground that it violates the Second Amendment. Click here to see a copy of the complaint in the case. In the landmark 2008 Heller decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protects the individual right to keep and bear arms for self-protection, and it struck down a District of Columbia law banning the possession of firearms in the home. "The core Second Amendment right of armed self-defense is just as important to an ordinary New Jersey citizen when she is traveling through a dangerous neighborhood as it is when she is safe in her home," said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. "The Supreme Court has said that the States cannot ban people from keeping firearms for self-defense in their homes, and New Jersey's restrictions on carrying firearms outside the home will meet the same end." Federal courts in New Jersey have previously upheld the State's restrictions, but the new lawsuit-which was filed in cooperation with the National Rifle Association-asks the courts to take another look at the issue, based on a recent federal decision striking down the District of Columbia's similar law as flatly unconstitutional. "We thank the NRA for its incredible support and guidance, which made this new lawsuit possible," continued Bach. "The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that police have no legal duty to protect individual citizens from harm, which means you're on your own in an emergency," Bach continued. "The same government that abandons its duty to keep you safe should not also block your Constitutional right to protect yourself. Right to carry's time is coming in the Garden State, and ANJRPC and NRA are at the forefront of that movement." Although the lawsuit has already been filed, ANJRPC requests that anyone recently denied a carry permit in New Jersey contact us ASAP at lawsuit@newjerseycarry.com. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Heres another F U... Right here in my town of North Hanover, virtually in my backyard, just through the woods... He'll have a hard time stopping it since its already done.. And a really really hard time 'embargo-ing' 47,000+ flags... Ironically, as he announced in his press conference today, he will be there this holiday weekend...
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    Anthony Colandro Pulls No Punches With NJ Senate Committee https://youtu.be/1jtiLoa3mlQ
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    Going to NJ.com for gun law information is like asking Zeke for grammar lessons.
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    What the Fuck is wrong with you guys? This shit is exactly why people and vendors give up on this place! You turn a post about a burglary into trashing the guy’s business? Do yourselves a favor and stay on topic or shut the fuck up. You have issues? Speak to him privately. Don’t bash him in public. As with anything else, you don’t like his company? Don’t go.... Fucking arm chair warriors! Un-fucking real! And while you are at it, take your expertise in forensics and get yourself out in the real world and show us your ingenuity. What? Have none? Again! STFU! [emoji35]🤬 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I’m kind of surprised no one else has mentioned this yet, but of course guns are allowed on boats. How else are you going to lose them in a boating accident?
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    Are you stupid? This guy is a true conservative and on our side. Dislike button pressed
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    Thanks for the heads up, but even if they were 11 boxes for 1 cent they can shove it! I have an excellent memory and Dick's will NEVER get one penny from me ever again!
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    Sorry NYC - you had 6 years to change the law. Sux that you held out until the SC swung to conservative majority. Now get ready for a decision that’s going to pave the way to overturn lots of infringing, anti-2A laws. I hope Bloomberg strokes out.
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    Strider, You won't find anyone on this board that will advise you turning a firearm in to the police. There are much more beneficial to you methods of disposing of it legally, like selling it for several hundred dollars instead of getting a $25 gift card at a buy back. Furthermore, selling it to another supporter of the 2a is better for our community than having it destroyed and touted by the anti-gun community as another "military grade assault rifle" off the streets. Don't allow it to become a statistic for their benefit.
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    Should people get training? Yes Should it be a requirement? No
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    https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/08/murphy_makes_yet_another_move_to_combat_gun_violen.html Murphy wants to "name and shame" states that follow the constitution, Hey A-hole how about naming and shaming the judges, prosecutors, and AG's who constantly release and plea criminals out. How about naming the criminals who commit these gun crimes and tell us how many PRIOR felonies they have as well as the JUDGES who keep letting them out to prey on us.
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    At least the State is finally admitting they view law abiding citizens and criminals as one in the same.
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    It’s privilege for sure, just not white privileged. She is feels privileged by her position, not her race. ETA: Oh, and fuck her apology. That’s a list of excuses, there is not a single apologetic thought in her useless rant. We are all dumber for having had to listen to her. I award her no points, and may God have mercy on her soul.
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    OK, last thing..... LOl. Yes you can come see ME with your hero file of certificates and I will square you away. As far as the $125.00, I just spoke to my Director of Training and that course was developed on 06/16/2014 by a previous employee. The class was a bit more inclusive, my understanding, and though it was high then, it was also longer. Anyway, in reviewing it more closely, I am lowering it to $75.00 which in my opinion is more reasonable. Also, and for the record, I have always taken the members of this group as kind, well intentioned and responsible gun owners that have passion and pride for the industry. Likewise, I have taken a lot of guidance and advice to help grow this company and to that point I thank you all. My doors are always open and I am not stupid enough to not except change. Change for the betterment of my customers and the betterment of my wallet. lol
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    FYI: the Honorable Roger T. Benitez was born in Havana, Cuba. He understands these communists and sees right through them: "This conclusion should not be considered groundbreaking. It is simply a straightforward application of constitutional law to an experimental governmental-overreach that goes far beyond traditional boundaries of reasonable gun regulation."
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    I took a 2 hour drive north up to the Tampa Florida fair. Before I left I checked the Fair web page for their policy on CC. I found very little. After we parked the car I was standing at the main entrance ticket booth and noticed metal detectors and a few deputies. I walked up and asked if concealed weapons were permitted on the fair grounds. He asked if I had one. I told him I did and he asked for my CWFL. He got on his radio and ran the number. It came back with my full name and he said follow me around the line and the metal detectors. He than said have a nice day. I waited for my wife and noticed other deputies escorting others around the line as well. Very professional law enforcement agency.
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    Bought this beauty off 1563621 today. Apparently all original except the op rod is a National Match. Gauges 1 and 1 with a bright shiny bore. We have a date this Sunday at Range-14.
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    If you own firearms and don't vote R. You might as well sell all your guns. Have to get all the fudds out to vote too!
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    Attended the Oaks Gun Show on 8/5 with a friend. He had some specific wants and I was just tagging along to see if anything "spoke" to me. We walked all the way through both rooms (this Oaks was advertised as being a 1000 table show). My friend's FitBit indicated we had walked almost 2.5 miles. Clear back in the corner of the first room was a small dealer with two handgun display cases. A quick perusal revealed a short-barreled revolver with ill-fitting grips. It appeared to be an N-frame S&W and when I asked to see it that assumption was borne out. A Model 25-14 which is chambered for .45 ACP. These had a 3" barrel, and a four-screw, square-butt frame. And the price tag was a bargain. I believe that it was overlooked by the previous day's crowd of shoppers because someone had fitted it with K/L-frame Smith target grips - which, while they will go on an N-frame look really bad. I didn't buy it right then because I wanted to do a little research before I "pulled the trigger." My research at home revealed that this was a Lew Horton Distributors special. In 2006 he had contracted for 500 total units - 250 in blue and 250 in nickel. The blue and nickel had unique serial number prefixes. These were made on what Smith calls their Classic frame - which just means the screw in the upper sideplate returns, making it a four-screw frame. Also it has striations on the front and back strap of the grip frame. I e-mailed the seller and told him that he could keep the grips and offered him $60 less than the asking price. He countered with a $10 increase and I couldn't figuratively reach my wallet fast enough. Ordered two sets of grips while I was waiting for the gun. Picked it up last night and installed the grips right at the dealer. So without further delay, here is number 63 of 250... The grips are Altamont bonded-ivory magnas with a BK grip adapter. The N-frames are taking over my safe. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    If I had access to his info, I would have done the guy a solid and called him directly to come back to get his piece and let him know its not kosher to conceal carry or transport a firearm in that manner in the PRNJ.
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    Make sure you read to the end, it's a good ending.... A few weeks back, I was driving to work and caught this one at about 6:15am: I sent a link to this video to the email that Riverdale police have on their website, then I left for vacation. When I returned, this was on my phone(I clipped his name off the front of the audio clip): As I was digging through my emails, catching up, I had this in my inbox:(I deleted her name) ---------------------------- <WITHHELD> <*************@yahoo.com> Sun 5/20/2018 12:13 PM To: *******, Mark; You forwarded this message on 5/21/2018 7:20 AM. Dear Mr. ******* My name is **** ****** and I would like to thank you for sending in the video to the Riverdale PD of the accident that happened on Route 23. I believe in guardian angels and you were mine on that day. I would like you to know that you saved me a lot of money because your video showed the officer that I was not at fault. Thank you so much for taking the time to send this in even though it wasn't something you were obligated to do. Again thank you very much. Sincerely **** ******
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    Did I make any headway with her anti position? Probably not. I think I did achieve something really good. Civil discussion and she spent 2 hours in the range walking around and taking to customers and staff. So maybe, just maybe, the next time she is drafting a bill she may go a little easier. Who knows, only time can tell. I will say that we have been communication a lot and she might put me on an advisory panel! I had to take the shot. Digging our heels in and insulting her is not going to win her over for sure. We are in the weakest position we have EVER been in, in NJ so I extended the olive branch. Now I am working on getting the new Gun Czar in. I almost had the new AG (who has in fact shot here a few times) to come in but because I a the EVP of ANJRPC and we have the carry lawsuit against the State there was a conflict and he had to cancel. I will say we should stop with the insults and be civil. NO I an not getting weak, I am being realistic. Have a nice day! Ant Oh, one more thing..... Ray, is that really you posting?
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    Such a beautiful piece. I’m honored to own one. The trigger really is as nice as I’ve heard. The bluing is a mile deep. The grips and assorted small parts all seem original to the gun. No box/papers but it does have the letter from Colt’s archives. Built late ‘71 or very early ‘72. Shipped in Feb ‘72 to a dealer in NYC. I am the third owner. It’s had a very easy life. Maybe a few hundred rounds thru it. I plan on adding a few to that number. No too many, but a few.
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    I am really loathe to respond to your bait, because it just gives you undeserved attention. However, there are several points that need to be addressed. First are your disparaging remarks about "God given rights". The bill of rights does not grant you those rights, it simply enumerates them. For those that are religious, that would be interpreted as "God given". For those of us that are not religious they would be natural rights. The 2A is actually the right of self-preservation. Driving a car or flying a drone are not rights. A more accurate analogy would be, do you want the government to vet you before it allows you to practice the religion of your choice? In your opening paragraph you have already given yourself away when you allude to the "other side's" argument as possibly having more "common sense" - a buzz-word used by the anti-2A faction for years. They have no common sense. An element of common sense requires logic - the arguments they make to oppress our right are based on emotion, not logic. There is no compromise when it comes to the 2A. The antis have been selling the "compromise" paradigm for years. Their definition of compromise is that we give up something and get nothing in return - I don't think that is how Webster defines compromise. If you truly believe what you wrote, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. I'm done here - I will give you no more recognition and I hope that my fellow board members feel and act likewise. Be gone troll. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Are we seriously debating this? We teach our kids this before kindergarten: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." On a different note - if you are going to any kind of rally/protest/march/etc... and you see KKK or swastikas, that's a clue to about face and go home. All your presence does is add credence to those awful people. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a brown shirt or a white sheet will never ever help our cause.
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    I often spend my evenings in front of the TV while also perusing eBay for S&W ephemera on my iPad. I came across this Italian leather covered, S&W embossed presentation case one evening and bookmarked it to watch. Imagine my surprise when closing time came and I was the only bidder at a very low opening price... The case exceeded my expectations. Of course that begged the question, "What to put in it?" I not only scan eBay but also a number of firearm auction and for sale sites, and sometimes other forum's classifieds. I probably scan a thousand or more listings a week. I came across a model of S&W (what else?) that I already had, but this was in a different finish. They made this model in a blued finish as well as a nickel finish and a real color case-hardened finish, by the master: Doug Turnbull. I managed to secure it at a slightly better price than I paid for the nickel one. I figured these are the perfect duo to do this case justice... As the placard indicates, these are S&W Models 22 - 22-4 to be specific. These are part of S&W's Classic Series that reprise famous guns from their past. In this case, the .45 ACP Model of 1917. The CCH gun came from a large gunstore in the Pacific NW and it was not a great experience. I won the auction and had no communication from them whatsoever. Sent funds and the license and heard nothing. E-mailed them 3 times and used the message function on their website and heard nothing back from them. Tried calling several numbers listed for them and either got cut-off after the first ring or was told the voice mailbox was full. I actually joined a gun forum in that region and enlisted some help from them. The support and boots-on-the-ground help from that quarter was terrific. The gun community is truly something special. Finally, two and a half weeks after the close of the auction, the gun just shows up at my dealer. I would have been fine with the delay in shipping, I understand that these are extraordinary times - all they would have had to do was communicate that to me. A simple pre-formatted message would have taken minutes to send, but they couldn't even be bothered doing that. Water under the bridge. There was an upside. On the forum I joined out there I came across a .45 Target Model of 1950 (a pre-model 26) and managed to separate it from its owner. Fodder for a future thread. Stay healthy. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Don't care if I'm offending someone with my straight white male gender shaming toxic masculinity or whatever other offenses I may be committing, I'll keep holding the door because it is the polite thing to do. Guys, girls, or whatever of the other 67 genders you might identify as, I don't particularly care.
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    All is good. Owner/builder of the property is going through divorce. This is a restructuring for protection. Once settled range will be open in a few months. First floor first than second floor. Anthony.
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    Fact. I facilitated the rescue by approving the use of our facility. My staff (the best) did all the Hero’s work. Again I am humbled. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=9dvBVuLSiig
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    When people talk about family and inclusion, few people can measure up to Anthony Colandro and Jimmy at GFH. I had made a request to make a wish happen for a very close friend of my twins that has a disease, which there is no cure. It only offers a diminishing quality of life and suffering. Because of her limitations, she spends a lot of time gaming and always wanted to know what it was like to shoot a real firearm. Well, GFH was the Genie that made that wish happen. I can't thank GFH enough for giving genuine joy to a young woman whose day is mostly enduring pain and hardships. Tom who was her instructor could not have been any better. He is another angel the represents GFH Family of Guardian Angels. You have NO IDEA how much joy you have given this family. My daughter in the background was simply amazed at how everything played out. Heaven / Valhalla - smiles upon your good deeds my brother(s).
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    here's an idea....stop broadcasting on the interweb what you're gonna do.
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    Ms. Park, Based on your statement, I doubt you intend to buy a gun anytime soon. Nor should you if that is just not your thing! The reason so many in this thread want you to try to buy one is so you would see with your own eyes, the scrutiny NJ puts every legal gun buyer through! In a nutshell, you have to go to your hometown PD and request a packet of forms. You must fill out all of the forms and supply two people as character references and they WILL be contacted. You must do an online mental health check which you pay for and you sign a release for the state to look for ANY mental health issues you have EVER had. You must make an appointment to be fingerprinted at your expense and fill out whatever other forms your town requires. Once the forms are completed and turned in to the PD, they will conduct an EXTENSIVE criminal and mental background check on you that could take time. The Chief of police may call you in to interview you if he wishes. The chief may, at his discretion, approve or disapprove your application. In about a month or for most towns many months you get a permit to buy a rifle or shotgun called the NJ firearms ID card. You must go through the entire above process EVERY time you apply for a permit to buy a handgun! Even then, they expire in 90 days, can be extended to 120 day with the chiefs approval. Each handgun permit is only good for ONE handgun and you are limited to only ONE handgun purchase in any 30 day period. Oh, and when you purchase any gun, you also have to fill out forms for each gun AND pay for a NICS check, yet another criminal background check, which must be approved by the State Police before you can take your new gun home! Our new Governor wants to make it even harder for the legal gun owners in NJ! All the new restrictions and laws never have an effect on crime since only the law abiding gun owners will follow them and they are NOT the one's committing the crimes! The laws and restrictions were there in Florida but the government on many levels did not enforce them. THEY are just as responsible for those children's deaths as the shooter himself. So the answer that the left NEVER wants to hear is, It's NOT ABOUT THE GUN! It's not about new feel good laws that will do NOTHING to prevent these shootings in the future! It's about actively enforcing the laws already on the books and punishing the criminals for once and leave the honest, law abiding gun owners alone!
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    I have no axe to grind with AVB-AMG or anybody else. I am merely an observer and want to make an observation. The pro-gun rights side vs the gun prohibition side is constantly being badgered to "compromise" and to "find middle ground". This cannot be achieved because the gun prohibition side of the argument is dishonest. They claim to be compromising but never give up anything. They just move their goal posts to a lesser ban for the duration of any negotiation - e.g. "just give up 15 round magazines and make the limit 5 but we will compromise at 10". The only compromise they are really making is that they won't demand total disarmament of everybody just yet. It is an incremental approach that needs to stop. The goal is a ban on everything. The "nobody is trying to take your guns" is a lie. Not one more inch. I'm done. I had all my pistols confiscated in England in 1997 to allow the politicians to say they did something after Dunblane and before the inquiry was completed. They will never admit they did something completely ineffective and they will never admit how much they spent from the public purse compensating law abiding people for stealing their property. When one side argues from a position of lies, there is no way to negotiate.
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    The first phase of Operation Overlord - the establishment of a large-scale opening into Europe - was the amphibious invasion and establishment of a secure foothold, codenamed Operation Neptune. 73 years ago, 156,000 allied troops embarked on the largest amphibious landings in history. Troops from the US, as well as the UK, and Canada, began their assault against Fortress Europe, taking well over 10,000 casualties. Although it took longer than planned, they ultimately succeeded in establishing their foothold, consolidating their positions, and opening a path that led the the fall of Nazi Germany and an Allied victory. Take a moment today and remember the men who walked into the jaws of hell and won, securing a future free from the evils of the Nazi sickness. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/world-war-two-in-western-europe/d-day-index/operation-neptune/ I have to qualify my guys on their rifles tomorrow. I am going to shoot a qual course with my US Rifle .30 cal M1 to commemorate the day. My Grandfather was in the 88th Infantry Division, The Fighting Blue Devils. He was captured in Italy in 1943 and spent 13 months in a POW camp. He was a prisoner during the Allied landings. If they had not succeeded my grandfather would have died in that camp.

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