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Has anyone congratulated Rosey?

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Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners
Press Release
August 13, 2018

Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal to receive NRA-ILA Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award

August 13, 2018 - CNJFO announces, with great pleasure and honor, that onSeptember 8th, David “Rosey” Rosenthal will be presented with the prestigous Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award from the NRA-ILA.


The Jay M. Littlefield Memorial NRA-ILA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an individual NRA member for his or her meritorious defense of the Second Amendment. This is the highest award given by NRA-ILA to individuals who have dedicated themselves to the preservation of the Second Amendment, for advocacy and volunteerism.


David’s tireless and selfless dedication to supporting the Second Amendment, through his activism for our cause, as well as his deep dedication to mentoring and teaching everyone who wishes to learn safe firearm practices and the grand art of shooting are a testament to society in general and gun owners specifically.


It is our privilege to know a man who gives so much of himself with no expectation of anything in return. This award is given to only two individuals a year, and I cannot think of a more deserving example of the spirit of this award.


On behalf of all of our members,

Matthew J. Andras
Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners

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Thanks everyone!  This whole thing caught me completely off guard.  I promise to continue to do the best I can for all of us.  I am truly humbled.  Between the Picnic on Sunday & this announcement on Monday, I have well over 300 emails & notifications to go thru.

Some thoughts on the Littlefield Volunteer of the Yr. Award...

This comes as a complete shock. It was never my intention to BE THE STORY. Certainly there is someone else more worthy than I? With that said, I hereby thank those that nominated me & I will enjoy the trip to the NRA Board Meeting to receive this award on behalf of all of us at CNJFO!

There's still work to be done and I intend to get back to it, so if I miss replying to any of the hundreds of well-wishers, please don't take offense. Working with ANJRPC has taught me that it takes MONEY to move mountains. At this time I'd like to ask anyone that can to please consider a small donation to CNJFO in memory of Carol Bowne, the 39 yr old hair dresser stabbed to death in her own driveway. She waited 43 days to buy the gun & never got the permit! Do you think she had JUSTIFIABLE NEED? We'll see that it gets put into a lawsuit fund to fight for 2A rights statewide. Here's where to send it: www.cnjfo.com/Donate and be sure to fill-in LAWSUIT FUND in the COMMENT BOX!

Thanks again everyone! Your's in restoring REAL 2A to NJ,

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      • Very, (Do not want to pay for slide cutting, Looks cool, etc.)
      • Neutral (don't have a preference either way)
      • Not at all (not a feature I am looking for).
    2. 2. How much are you willing to pay for "Optics ready"? (i.e. gun is cut for an optic)

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    3. 3. Why are you looking for Optics Ready?

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    • It appears that their restrictions to NJ have been removed. 
    • So is this another option? https://franklinarmory.com/franklin-armory-xo-26-r2/  
    • I didnt hear what ever came of that... I believe word on the street is some CT cops and an ATF agent got together and went rouge...  but here is another  story.  https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/108864-atf-prosecution-for-pistol-as-sbr/page/2/  
    • What a country, huh?  Where else can you take something good, declare it as bad, redesign it to be better and not bad and then invent something to reverse the good turning the bad back into something good that was bad and profit off of it?  God bless America.  
    • @Sniper You know that your comparison of me to Gregory "Joey" Johnson is totally bogus and just your inflammatory way to personally attack me without really considering the point(s) I make and respond with an intelligent and articulate comment.  From my previous posts here, anyone can tell that I respect our flag and what it stands for.  I totally disagree with the association of our flag to other issues that Johnson made in his quote that you posted. In a similar fashion, it would be if I compared you to and cited one of the many hateful proclamations made by Richard B. Spencer, the wife-abuser, American neo-Nazi and white supremacist and president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank.  That would be an extreme over reaction and not fair to you, even if you may agree with some of his stated positions.  I really do think we all need to throttle back down the hateful comments.  Yes, I have been guilty of writing some incendiary posts and will try not to make them personal towards other posters and focus on the point I am trying to make.  It is hard not to take criticism personally, but I think that I and all of us should at least try to rise above making negative comments towards each other, ranging from snarky barbs, to petty insults to slanderous and hateful accusations, since they clearly are not productive and just makes things worse on both sides. Also, we are all human with imperfections and histories of decisions and actions performed in the past that we now may regret or would have done differently.  So there really never will be any candidate devoid of flaws or previous bad choices.  Therefore, we all have to make do with whom we feel, moving forward, will have learned from their past successes and failures, and act and perform their duties in the best interest of our country.  We all are free to make that challenging choice and decision ourselves, which of course includes taking a chance and/or leap of faith. That is one of the reasons I am currently leaning towards supporting Joe Biden's candidacy.  Yes, he has had some creepy moments with people and I do wish he could just come out and sincerely apologize for how he treated Anita Hill at the Clarence Thomas hearings in the Senate.  Yet, from the current ridiculously large crop of Democrat candidates who have migrated to the far-left, (way too far in my opinion), I think that Biden is the most moderate and acceptable of the bunch. So is it really too much to ask for you and others to accept that there are many folks who really do not like Donald Trump and never have and are seeking a viable alternative candidate to vote for?  You may not agree with us, but that is the beauty of our Constitutional system, 1st Amendment rights, that allows us all to express our different opinions.  But ideally, to do so respectfully.  AVB-AMG
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